15x Cr2025 Dl2025 5003lc Lithium 3v Button Cell Watch Calculator Battery

Price: $7.95

15x CR2025 DL2025 5003LC Lithium 3V Button Cell Watch Calculator Battery e15Product Features 1. Voltage: 3V 2. Chemisty: Lithum 3. Weight: 200 g
Compatible with 5003LC, AWI L12, Citizen 280-205, Duracell DL2025, ElectroChem 3B980, Energizer ECR2025, Eveready CR2025. Fuji CR2025, I.E.C. CR2025, DL2025, Kodak KCR2025,Maxell CR2025, NEDA 5003LC, Panasonic CR2025. RadioShack CS0155, RadioShack CS1005, RadioShack UBATL0006TAZZ, Rayovac KECR2025, Saft LM2025. Sanyo CR2025, Seiko SBT14, Sony CR2025, Toshiba CR2025, Varta CR2025, 2025.
Used For: Watches, Pagers, Calculators, PDA Organizers, Lights, Cameras, Computers, and many other consumer electronic devices PDAs,Remote Controls,Camcorders,Electronic Games,Electronic Instruments,MP3 Players, Digital Voice Recorders,Toys,Blood Glucose, Cholesterol Testing Meters,Hundreds of other electronic products.
Package Include 15pcsx 3V CR2025 Lithium Button Cell Battery

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