6 tips to maximize your Compaq Laptop Battery Performance

The performance of your laptop notebook depends greatly in the performance of its Compaq presario cq50 battery. And his life depends on its users, and that is you. These are the principles that guided the Compaq to reach the tips to help you optimize the performance of the battery in your Compaq laptop.

To maximize your Compaq laptop battery, as recommended by Compaq, you must:

1. Properly Break In Your New Battery

New batteries are not yet fully charged when sold. They must be recycled or put up first to get its optimum capacity. Charging and discharging of the presario cq60 battery for 4 or 5 times is enough to condition it.

2. Avoid the memory effect

The memory effect can be avoided by charging and discharging the Compaq Presario M2000 battery completely once or twice a month.

3. Clean your battery always

Dirt on the Presario V2000 battery contacts can reduce the performance of the battery in your Compaq laptop. Clean it with alcohol and cotton can give the impression and work like new.

4. Regularly exercise your battery

This method is recommended for those using the AC adapter as 60wh apple A1184 Charger for a longer period. It is advisable to use your Compaq NX7010 battery at least once in two weeks apart. Batteries lose their charge when stored for a long time and you need to break your battery when it happens.

5. Your battery bank properly

When not being used for an extended period, your battery should be stored in one of clean, dry and cool that are free of heat and other metals. A Pavilion DV5 battery bear the losses in time and he needed a break before reuse.

6. Upgrade your laptop Power Management Features

The power management features of Compaq laptops allow saving HP Pavilion dv7 Battery. You can set your processor speed or low you can adjust the brightness of the LCD as a minimum to ensure low power consumption.


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