Acid to Alkaline Diet, How to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Lifestyle Naturally

Acid to Alkaline Diet

The acid to alkaline diet is becoming a more talked about subject now but still the majority of the population is unaware of what it is. People who die young, have health problems, suffer from obesity etc., generally have a very acidic internal environment where people who live to a very old age and do not suffer from serious health problems have an internal environment that is more alkaline in nature .

In the modern Western world the vast majority of people live a very unhealthy lifestyle, predominately eating junk and unhealthy food and being constantly exposed to other factors that drastically impact our health in a negative way, in drastic contrast to the acid to alkaline diet. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more that one billion obese adults world-wide, with around 300 million of them clinically obese. This statistic is scary and is dramatically increasing everyday!

As a health care practitioner myself, people often ask me what are the best ways to stay healthy. I often tell my patients that in order for us to live a healthy life, not be over weight, avoid serious disease and illnesses and generally live to a good old age with vitality and vigour, it is essential that we pay attention to the acid to alkaline diet. By observing your bodies pH levels and eating accordingly to ensure your body is more alkaline than acidic, people experience things like rapid weight loss (by an accelerated fat disposal process), they will live longer, feel less stressed, have an improved immune system, get better and more restful sleep, have more energy and can also experience an increase in libido. These benefits alone are of course of tremendous importance to health, longevity and a happy life. By allowing the body to detox in this way through the acid to alkaline diet people also have an increased ability to absorb vitamins and minerals and help avoid many nasty diseases including cancer and arthritis. With a more alkaline body, stress and pressure on the internal organs is eased, skin, bones and cells regenerate and help keep you youthful.

Conversely, if a person's body is too acidic they can easily experience obesity by gaining and holding onto fat, they will age quicker, a lack of energy will be common, they will easily and consistently attract disease and virus' and create an internal environment where yeast and bacteria can easily thrive.

The majority of people living in the Western world do not follow an acid to alkaline diet and are generally more on the acidic scale. This is due largely to our diet. Eating things like junk food, burgers, fizzy drinks, having a high sugar eat, fried foods, unnatural fruit juices, imitation foods, energy drinks and processed foods for example, all push our bodies internal environment down on the acidic scale. There are even some other healthy foods to be aware of, strawberries, mangos and peaches for example are very high in sugar, therefore create an acidic environment in the body. Some other surprises that also cause acidic build up include rice, tuna, oats and cheese, so these foods are to limited when following an acid to alkaline diet. This is one reason why it is very important to know exactly what foods will cause an acid reaction and which will make you more alkaline. Other considerations that also cause our bodies to be more acidic include various chemicals, tobacco, radiation, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, air pollution, alcohol, drugs and stress.

Optimal pH to get all the benefits from alkalinity is 7.4pH. If your body goes 3-4 points either way way you will die! The pH scale is as follows:

0 = total acid / battery acid, hydrochloric acid
1 = gastric juices
2 = vinegar
3 = beer
4 = wine, tomato juice
5 = rain
6 = milk
7 = pure water
8 = sea water
9 = baking soda
10 = detergent, milk of magnesia
11 = ammonia, lime water
12 = bleach
13 = lye
14 = Total Alkaline / Sodium Hydroxide

The acid to alkaline diet will help your body stay at the optimal range, around 7.4pH. The bodies reaction to trying to keep this acid, alkaline balance is both incredible and fascinating. When your body is too acidic it tries everything to get to a more alkaline state. When this happens the body stores some acid in your fat to keep it from doing harm to our body which is a good thing, but your body then holds on to the fat for protection, causing the person to put on weight.

When there is excess acid internally, the body finds alkaline elsewhere from your bones and teeth but your bones and teeth get so drained that they become frail and start to deceay. This can lead to many diseases of the bones and teeth including arthritis and tooth decay. This would not happen if a person were following an acid to alkaline diet.

The build up of acid generally will settle away from your healthier organs but instead it gravitates towards your weakest organs that are already ahead to disease. It's like a pack of wolves looking for the weakest amongst the herd, picking off the easy prey. As your weaker organs are targeted it makes it much easier for serious diseases to set in, including cancer. It is important to realize that cancer cells become dormant if you are at 7.4pH (which is the bodies optimum pH levels), so further underlining the importance of maintaining a healthy pH level in our bodies by following the acid to alkaline diet.

When there is acid in the system it also contaminates your blood stream. This in turn advances the eggs ability to deliver oxygen to the tissues. RBC's are surrounded by a negative charge so they can bounce off each other and move around in the blood very quickly and deliver their goodness.

But when you are too acidic they lose their negative charge and they stick together, causing them to move very slowly. This causes them to struggle to deliver nutrients and oxygen in our system. One of the first symptoms of this poisoning is you start to feel a loss of energy even though you are getting enough sleep. Starting an acid to alkaline diet can correct this very quickly. Your blood also has this reaction after drinking alcohol.

Let's put all this into perspective; it takes about 33 glasses of water to neutralize one glass of coke! I'm not even going to mention here what it takes to neutralize some of the other things that we are putting into our bodies, I think you get the picture!

One great way to consistently make your body more alkaline is by having green drinks everyday. They are very easy to make, taste great and are packed with vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll which fuel our body. Chlorophyll is a big part of the acid to alkaline diet and is the green blood of plants. It is a very powerful detoxify-er, blood builder, cleaner and oxygen booster. In fact, the benefits of chlorophyll on our bodies are far too numerous to include in this article. There are many recipes for making tasty green drinks. The one I am currently having everyday is as follows; 2 apples, 4 sticks celery, 1/3 cucumber, big useful of baby spinach leaves and one avocado. I have been doing this everyday (more or less) for about the last six months and not once have I been sick. I have also noticed an increase in energy and I am also benefitting from more restful sleep.


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