Actron CP785 – Every Man's Gadget

You can use Actron CP7875 for measuring all sorts of stuff you can think of. I've heard of people using CP7875 for measuring inner ear temperature, checking pump temp, and for finding heat leaks.

Actron infrared digital thermometers implement 1: 1 spot ratio. So in order to measure the average temp of a circle of 10 inches wide, you must hold them 10 inches away from the target surface.

For example if you want to measure the temp of your coffee, you should hold it about an inch away or nearer.

For about lower than $ 30 these Infrared Digital Thermometers can easily fit in palms. It's very ergonomic. Actron is equipped with two buttons, the first is to take the temperature and the other one is to switch degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Whenever you press the temperature button, it will begin to take readings, when you let go of, the reading process stops and instantly displays the temperature for about three seconds.

If you keep pressing the button down, the readings will continue and update the temperature. On the top right corner of the display, Actron displays the highest temperature recorded. These infrared thermometers can read from -27 degrees Fahrenheit to maximum 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

Initially this Actron CP7875 is designed to measure temp of engines and other heating elements, that's why it can measure such high temperature.

These infrared thermometers have backlights on their screens. They are very helpful for reading at night. The only complaint I have with this gadget is the battery. It uses cell battery which is placed under the cover that's screwed on. So in order to replace it you must use a precision screwdriver.

I think the guys in Actron should replace the cell battery with A3 batteries. But anyway, Actron CP7875 is undeniably a very useful gadget every man on earth should have one in his pocket.


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