AppStation – Alarm Dock for iPhone or iPod

Before you go to bed every night, do you have to find your iPhone plug and make sure you are staying charged all night? After that, do you have to set the alarm that is sitting on your night table? If so, you need the AppStation alarm dock for iPhone or iPad. The Appstation is the ultimate tool for turning your iPhone or iPod into an advanced alarm system, while charging your vice at the same time.

I understand your frustration of having to continuously unplug your iPhone for charging and moving it around the house where ever you are, then always giving yourself the opportunity to lose your device power charger in the process. As for setting the alarm every night and hitting the snooze button … that's just repetitive and old school thinking.

Eliminate both of these problems with AppStation. Place this application driven multimedia dock on your night table, throw out your alarm and change your life forever. You will no longer need a separate cord for charging your iPhone or iPad, and you also now have the full functionality of a clock and more.

Another excellent feature of the Appstation is that you will never have to wait up to that annoying buzzing sound again. Using Appstation, you can load any of your favorite iTunes or loaded music files to sound as your alarm every morning. Imagine the difference it will make in your day, waking up to music you enjoy, instead of that nasty buzzing sound everyone hates to hear.


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