Baby Gym – Baby Gyms That Are Top Rated

Below are top rated baby gyms. All the baby gyms listed have been rated excellent by consumers like yourself.

Baby Gym # 1: Fisher-Price Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym

Price: Approximately $ 59.99, depending on where you buy it.

Product Description: "The gym brings the magic of the rainforest to baby with fun activities and 20 minutes of music. with a paddle spinner, and a frog character mirror. 2 satin butterflies fly around above baby as colored lights pulse on and off while music plays The large mat has a quilted rainforest scene and is surrounded by a satin border. baby to explore include a large crinkle peek-a-boo leaf with a shiny underside, sun ray ribbons, and a soft tiger tail. baby. Mom can also link the toys to any of 3 link points on the mat as well as to any of 5 link points overhead for a total of 11 places to link toys for baby.

Mom can choose between 3 modes of play:

1. Baby mode allows baby's play time movements to set off 8 to 12 seconds of lights and music

2. Music mode plays music for 20 minutes while baby plays

3. Rain forest mode plays 20 minutes of rainforest sounds while baby plays. The gym provides 4 songs and 2 sound effects sequences. "

A Product Review: "My son has been using this playmate since he was 2 months old. He is now 7 months and still reaches for it daily. replace the batteries and everything still works great. The music plays for quite a while so you do not have to keep running over to restart it. over, he can now chew on them and it is one more thing to keep him employed! I highly recommend this line of products! "

Baby Gym # 2: Tiny Love ActiviTot – Tropic Isle

Price: Approximately $ 75

Product Description: "The Activitot Tropic Isle Gym is an award-winning revolutionary concept in the baby-activated gym environment. lying on his tummy, back or side, and can even sit upright. Gym includes rattling monkey, crinkly leaves, baby-activated music mirror, rattling pineapple, twist-and-lock seal, flamingo and shrimp toys, and tummy time pillow. easily into a compact carrying case and pops open for use anywhere. 17 developmental activities in all. Uses 3 button-cell batteries; trail batteries included. Measures 28 "x 24" x 4 ". "

A Product Review: "I was so torn between buying this one and the total gym kick n play. So … I bought the kick n play and took it right back, because it just was not what I was hoping for. So i ordered this and just received it, And I love love love it !!! The colors are so bright and fun! The arches can also plug into the "stations" around the island shaped mat, so … you can create any old combination you want with the arches unlike other gyms where the arches are stuck in place and only fold down and criss cross, not left with many options. This is roughly 42 "lx 38" w at it's longest points. The horn built into the mat is not real easy to honk you have to push hard … but that's no big deal. and my 4 month old son loves those cause he's such a big kicker! ave it in and how many things are hanging from that arch but it works! But the total gym was the same way.

For the music you have to bump the face of the mirror or tap it. It's fairly easy to set off. it plays short pieces of circusy island animalish type of music (if that makes any sense) The total gym actually plays a long ten minute mozart piece … but i find that annoying and i'm sure baby does too … he doesn 't like his swing after it plays over and over either! I do not find the music too important … play your own! The boppy support type pillow is flatter than it looks on the picture the blue center is made of sponge material and the outside orange edge is a blow up thing. But it works as it looks like it would! The leaves on the picture I looked at were different, they do crinkle nicely but the backs are striped black and white and some striped lime green … nicer than the picture! Over all … I'm tellin ya … choose this one, it will grow with your baby sooooooo much better, and it takes the boringness out of the others that only stay one way. I am so happy about this one, it is sooo worth the money! "

Baby Gym # 3: Baby Einstein Play Gym

Price: Approximately $ 49.99

Product Description: "National Parenting Center Seal of Approval (2003) Soft play gym featuring Baby Einstein characters Features Classical music by Bach & Beethoven 10 accessory toys included for babies enjoyment. Einstein characters on the mat that correspond with hanging plush characters. There are 10 accessory toys included to help stimulate the baby. The toys include a star shaped plush with lights. you watch the lights dance to the music. The star can be removed and used on toy bars and cribs. Other toys include plush characters that crinkle, rattle and squeak, a soft book with animal pictures and a mirror for baby to see themselves. prop up pillow is also included. Our Discover & Play Activity Gym will surely give your baby many hours of fun! Product Awards: iParenting Media Awards, National Parenting Publications Awards, Fit Pregnancy Product of the Year (2005). "

A Product Review: "I registered for this playmat not sure if our baby was going to like it, but when I received it, I thought it was bright and cheerful and the right size for our already cluttered living room! weeks old, he started showing signs of interest in bright objects so we put him on the mat and were really surprised with the results – he absolutely LOVES the mat! He especially loves the musical star (that can be moved around with the Velcro straps) and watches as it lights up in different areas! Now he is almost 6 weeks and it has become a calming and interesting place to be when he gets fussy- he will lay on his back and gaze at the mirror, lights on the star, and kick the birds and watch them move! This mat is a must for baby registries and great for newborns to gain alertness.

Another reviewer did not like the rabbit card, but it comes in a sleeve that will hold a 4×6 photo, so we printed out a photo (of my husband's college mascot, because it is bright colored) and put it in the sleeve. You could also put a photo of mommy or daddy, grandparents or a pet, too. Also, you can add other toys to the rings when the baby gets bored with the birds / bug / rattle.

UPDATE: Our son is 6.5 months old and STILL plays with the mat! Now he is sitting up on his own and will sit for half an hour or more grabbing the toys or rolling around on the mat (and even grabbing the tags under the mat!) We also just found out that a neighbor with a son the same age has the same mat and loves it too! "


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