elegantstunning AG13/LR44 Alkaline Button Cell Battery – 10 Pack

Price: $34.47 - $11.49

Product Description – 100% band new – fresh from factory – high quality high energy density – long lasting Ship from USA AG13 alkaline button batteries are commonly used in: Watches, Laser Pointers, Alarms, Clocks, Calculators, Pen Radio, Remote Controls, Flashlights, Games, Digital Voice Recorders, MP3 Players, Cameras, Toys, and many other consumer electronic devices May also be known as: AWI S05 / S15, Beric BLR44, Bright Star S15, Bulova 228, Chateau AG13, Citizen 280-08 / 280-904, CNB G13-A, Duracell 10L14 / 10SL17 / D357 / D76 / MS76 / MS76H, Energizer 357 / BS07 / BSR44H / A76, Eveready 357 / 541 / EPX76 / S76E, Gold Peak GP57 / GP76 / GPA76, JIS G13F / G13R / GS13, Kodak KS76, Lumiscope 2018, Mallory LR44, Maxell 313 / LR44 / SR44P / SR07, MGA MGA-2200, Nexxtech 357A, Panasonic SP76 / SR44, Pentax LX S-76, Phillips A76, Radio Shack 357 / 23-009, Rayovac RS76 / RS76-2 / RW22 / RW42 / RW82, Renata 228 / R357, Seiko SB-F9, Sony 76-S, Timex KA / T535B, Toshiba SR44W / SR44SW, Varta V13GA / V76HS / V76PX, Vinnic L1154 Product Specifications – Quantity: 10 PCS (1 Card) AG13 Alkaline button batteries (10pcs per card shown as picture) Nominal Voltage: 1.55 Volts Chemistry: Alkaline Capacity: 140 mah (at 22k¦Ø, 24h/d, 0.9v, 20+_2¡æ) Dimensions: 11.6 mm x 5.40 mm Weight: 2.0 gAmazonundefineds overseas purchases are sold by Amazon overseas website.
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