Meat Thermometer, Circrane Instant Read Thermometer Cooking Thermometer Food Thermometer with Super Long Probe for Kitchen Cooking BBQ Grill Smoker Meat Fry Food Milk Yogurt Water

Price: $12.99

Accuracy: 0°C ~ 100°C (32°F ~ 212°F), +/-1°C(2°F)
-20°C ~ -1°C (-4°F ~ 30°F),
101°C ~ 150°C (214°F ~ 302°F), +/-2°C(4°F)
-50°C ~ -21°C (-58°F ~ -6°F)
151°C ~ 200°C (304°F ~ 392°F), +/-4°C(8°F)
201°C ~ 300°C (394°F ~ 572°F), +/-5%
Operating: ON/OFF Press the button to turn on the thermometer, the screen display the temperature it measure.Press it again to turn off the power.
°C/°F:Press the button to switch the unit of temperature between °C to °F.
HOLD:Press the button to keep the temperature value display on screen and no changed, it easy for used in dark environment and take it to light environment for read.

Widely used
Meats: BBQ and smoked meat, steak, fried fish, oven food.
DIY dishes: Baking bread, candy, cheese, chocolate,cooking oil, soup.
Drink : milk, fresh juice,coffee,tea.
Baby care: Bath water,soup right temperature test for kids.
Material: BPA free ABS, 304 Stainless Steel,FDA acceptance.
Thermistor:New Generation import Japan NTC thermosensitive ceramics thermistor.
Length: 7.3″ (185mm)
Probe Length: 4.7″ (120mm)
Weight: 40.0g
Temperature accuracy: ±1℃/ ºF
Battery(not included): 1 X button cell (VINNIC L1154F),
1. Do not use our oven meat thermometer at closed oven.
2. Do not touch the probe with your hands or other surroundings,avoid contaminants from bacteria or other microbes.
3.Protective sheath need to push out/back frequently, Try best to protect it.
4.Do not put your kitchen thermometer into water totally.
Security Pro Cook Thermometer: Food Thermometer are taste guaranteed for new cook learner or stay-at-home mom. Made of safe FDA material, Hg Free, nontoxic. Wind Range for Oven Food,Barbecue, fried fish,baking bread, yogurt,milk , help you kill or prevent parasite, disease germ(Streptococcus suis) in undercook-ed meat like pork,beef,fish & seafood etc.
Innovative Design:Digital kitchen thermometer can operated in 3 ways according to the soup depth. Efficiency Protect you from high temperature splashing water or steam. New pen sheath Design prevent bacterial reproduction,easy to clean probe after use. Unique clip design are convenient to put it in your apron or pocket.
Rapid Measurement:6 seconds temperature reading time. this digital food thermometer is with precison temperature sensor.
Easy to use and Fast to Lock Temperature:BBQ Thermometer with large screen,help you to readout the value in 2-3 seconds conveniently. Quick to respond and “HOLD” press button can lock the exact number in test food, and you can read the value accurately in the air. Eco-friendly Auto-shut off design if readout stays for 10 minutes. Save more energy.
100% Money Back and Lifetime Warranty:If you have any questions about our electronic thermometer,welcome email us anytime via ask a question page(Rely within 24h). 100% Money back within 30 days. 100% friendly services are always guaranteed.