Boost Your Psychic Powers

The sad fact of the matter is that we have become conditioned to see the world in our own way, and sometimes we almost become insensitive to the fact that there might be more out there than we are aware of. That is why it is very important to boost your psychic powers and become more attuned to the outside world. The truth is that we all have inborn psychic abilities – some people have it to a greater extent, some have it to a lesser extent, so if you are among the lighter category and are feeling left out, do not feel bad – you can polish your psychic powers with practice!

One good exercise is this – when you hear your cell phone ringing, do not glance at the number flashing on the screen. Instead, close your eyes and try to focus on who is calling. Then when you pick up the phone, see if you were right. As you do this exercise over a period of time, your accuracy will dramatically increase, and your intuition will also become much better. This is a great exercise to boost your psychic powers and also your powers of prerecognition.

Another exercise is this – when you are standing in a queue for something, maybe at the bank, try to think which teller you will be served by. This is pretty much like the previous exercise, but the only difference is that you are being able to physically see your target. Your ability to physically connect with others in close range is polished with this exercise.

When you are watching a baseball or soccer match, try to imagine the final outcome, before the match begins. Your accuracy will be increased, as well as your intuition and clairvoyance. However, it is important to note that this skill should not be used for personal gains like gambling – that could lead to a messy situations.


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