Built-In Dog Doors

Built in dog doors are a convenient way to allow your dog in and out of the house without becoming a “dog door man.”

The most common type of built in dog door is a metal or plastic frame that fits into the existing door of your home. Most dog doors come in a vast variety of styles, designs, features, colors, and prices. It is made from strong aluminum, high-impact thermo plastic or vinyl, all require very little maintenance. They are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes depending on your dog’s weight and height. The doors usually come with magnetic, weatherproof seals and interior lockable panel for extra security.

Built in dog doors are suitable for fitting into doors and walls, they are essential for active and sporty dogs. Weatherproof design, easy installation, durability, lightweight, tough, and adjustable frame are the features of these doors. Custom size dog doors are made to fit your specific requirements.

Automatic dog doors feature a silent action, transparent, weatherproof flap. It provides extra security by restricting entry only for dogs wearing magnetic collar keys. The collar keys are activated by button-cell batteries. Today, infrared dog doors are very popular in the market. They have a better range and a quicker response.

Built in dog doors are not very expensive. Screen dog doors are one of the cheapest. It has a high impact polypropylene frame and requires few tools to install. Classic dog door has a heavy duty aluminum frame, designed for the most powerful breeds. Compared to other models, sliding glass dog doors are the most expensive.


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