Canon PowerShot SX10IS Review

I upgraded to SX10IS from the prior S5IS model, and I must say that it was definitely worth it. I should mention that I'm in no way a power user, a professional photographer. I do not make my living off this camera, but I am very fond of photography as a hobby. I need good quality photos without much hassle, and I am quite picky about this!

This model comes with lots of nifty features, but there is still lots of room for improvement. I will start off by showing the pros, the reasons I fell in love with this camera.

– Proper face recognition. The feature kicks in from the default settings, no need to adjust anything. Point to your friends, click the shutter button and the camera will figure out the faces and adjust the lighting.
– Intelligent red eye removal, without the use of an extra reduction lamp or pre-flasher
– Memory card door is now separated from the battery door. At times I just want to take out the card from my camera and replace it with a blank one. With previous models I had to switch the camera off, remove the batteries, then remove the card. I was wasting precious seconds.
– This model beats its competitors at the quality of pictures at high ISO settings. With the continual improvement from model to model since early versions, this was quite expected.

Now let's get to the downsides.

– I would like to see a larger rotating display. Granted, it's usable as it is now, but having it half an inch larger would be so much better.
– The compression of movies leads to loss of quality. I would like to have an option that would allow me to choose the level of compression and warn me about the possible losses. Right now it does not say anything. I have not used it much for film making though, maybe the reduction in quality was just a wild opinion. However, this is definitely worth testing before you buy the camera.
– The shape is a bit boxy and the grip is a bit abrupt. However, this is a matter of personal taste, you might like it this way.

All in all, the SX10IS is a great model, suitable for all low to middle end camera users. The set of features it comes with are easy to understand by even the most un-techie photographer.


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