Cat 1 Alarm – Thatcham Alarms for Insurance

When you need a Cat 1 alarm for insurance the Hornet Maxx1 is an excellent choice. It is a reliably cheap car alarm system that is a full Thatcham Approved Category 1 and there before insurance compliant. It also has an easy to use remote control with a host of useful features, while being designed as a maintenance free system.

Full Cat 1 Alarm System

The Hornet Maxx 1 is ideal for customers who have been told by their insurance company that a cat 1 alarm is required. It is a Thatcham tested and approved Category 1 device, that is insurance compliant if fitted by an accredited installer. An MESF certificate is provided in the box to installers who are MESF affiliates, or customers could opt for a Thatcham Recognized Installer (TRI).

A part of Thatcham and EU regulations is that systems must incorporate a passive immobilizer. This means that once a cat 1 alarm is disarmed, the immobilizer is activated after thirty seconds if the car is not started. The term 'passive' means the immobilizer becomes active without user intervention, stopping the car from being started and providing an extra security feature. Once passive arming has taken place the driver must press the remote Disarm button to deactivate it before starting the car.

Hornet Maxx 1 Remote Features

The Hornet Maxx 1 boasts a small and stylish remote control with four buttons for system control:

  • Arm
  • Disarm
  • AUX
  • Star

The Arm and Disarm buttons activate the system but will also lock and unlock the car doors if fitted to a vehicle's central locking. By pressing the AUX button before Arm or Disarm the user can silently use the system. The AUX button on own own will pop the boot lid, providing the vehicle already has a motor in place, and this function is incorporated.

A useful feature of this alarm is the interior sensor bypass, sometimes called 'Pet Mode'. It is activated by pressing the Arm and Disarm buttons at the same time and temporarily disables the interior ultrasonic sensors. This is ideal for customers who may need to leave a passenger or animal in the car, and will allow a window to be vented.

There is also a panic feature that can be activated from the remote. By pressing either the Arm or Disarm button for 4 seconds the alarm siren will sound and the lights will flash. The doors will still remain unlocked allowing the car owner to get into the car and start the engine.

No Maintenance System

The Hornet Maxx 1 Cat 1 alarm is designed as a maintenance free system. Usually only the remote battery will need replacement and drivers should note that when the remote signal begins to weak its time to change the disk cell battery.

System features can be accessed by a four-digit pin code and thenby putting the alarm into 'Valet Mode'. Here changes can be made to the system via a single button input switch. These include the ability change the pin code, to set the doors to lock on passive arming (not recommended to avoid locking the keys in the car), and to disable automatic door lock on ignition.

It is highly advisable to keep settings standard, in our experience when customers get 'experimental' this is when problems begin to occur.


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