Cell Phone Stun Gun, ZAP – "Holy Crap it Sure Did not Look Like a Stun Gun"

The sun has just gone down, the heat of the summer night seems to stick to you like a sticky syrup. You walk down the sidewalk listening to your iPod trying to remember where you parked.

Caught by surprise a thick sweaty arm is suddenly around your neck, you try to move, you try to scream, the burning sensation of veins closing off moves from your throat down through your heart. The beating of that one and only reliable muscle begins to slow down. Thoughts race through your mind and you feel paralyzed. Each and every inch of your body tries to move yet it stands still and limp; slowly you slip into an unconscious sleep and your body begins to go cold.

This alarming imagery is sadly taking place daily if not hourly through the United States to many unsuspecting victims. People these days, women especially, are not protected and should be much more careful then we tend to be sometimes. This situation can easily avoid in so many different ways, a stun gun is a device that can do just that. The stun gun can be so beneficial to women walking home at night from school, work or even in broad daylight light.

This particular stun gun is identical to a cell phone. This device comes in red or blue and is quite powerful; it actually carries through the body 800,000 volts. This power voltage is enough to leave your attacker flat on the ground, giving you enough time to run to safety.

The directions to use this handy phone is simple, you will turn the safety button off and touch the phone to the body of the assailant and press the trigger. The great thing about this stun gun is that it does not look anything like a stun gun; when you feel threatened or are walking alone you can just carry it in your hand just like a cell phone.

The cell phone stun gun is powered by two small CR 123A lithium batteries. These small little pieces of work do all the damage necessary to be safe. This stun gun also comes with a safety switch so no need to worry about it going off unexpectedly. The free holster is a great way to keep it close to you at all times and allows easy access.

This works so conveniently for women because it is not large and it is extremely unsuspecting, any one would be surprised to be touched with this and get bolted with 800,000 volts of electricity.

There are so many ways to prevent being injured by an attacker this little stun gun can benefit anyone and may save your life, buy cell phone stun gun and you will never have to worry about being accused again. If you have the power in your hands to protect yourself, why not take the precautions that can result in you being safe for life.


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