Choosing the Best FurReal Walking Dog For Your Child

So you've decided to get your child one of the FurReal Walking Dogs from the Hasbro collection and you're not sure which one to get. Well we are here to help. We'll give a brief overview of the toy dogs this line offers as well as the pros and cons of each. We hope to equip you with the information you'll need to make a wise and informed decision on which of these toys are right for you and your family.

First let me say that I am only including the FurReal Friends walking dog toys that are able to walk own. There are a few FurReal puppies that allow you to reposition their legs, however these toys are immobile. We'll start by identifying the different types of FurReal Walking Dogs that are available listing them in order by price lowest to highest.

FurReal Friends Littlest Pet Shop Walkable

First up there is the FurReal Friends Littlest Pet Shop Walkable dog. The smallest and least expensive of the FurReal Walking Dog bunch this pup, unlike his furry counterparts, has a plastic shell. This moves it down the ranks on the petting and cuddling scale however it does not take away from its adorableness. He comes equipped with a playhouse, wagon and other toy accessories (eg bones) for his fun and your little ones entertainment. With the push of a button you can make this bright-eyed, floppy eared pup walk through the door of his playhouse, push his wagon and even carry his toys. He also comes with and requires two button cell batteries to operate. Since the FurReal Friends Littlest Pet Shop Walkable dog and his accessories are so small it is not suitable for small children. For under $ 13, your child can enjoy one of these toy pets without breaking your budget.

FurReal Friends Walkin 'Puppies

The FurReal Friends Walkin 'Puppies replicate the mid-sized Cocker Spaniel breed. There are two types, the King Charles Spaniel and the White Spaniel. Very similar the Lil 'Patter Pups the Walkin' Puppies also bark and wag their tails in addition to making whining and other puppy sounds. Unlike the previous walking dog mentioned the Walkin 'Pup actually walks in a circle and returns to you. Surprisingly the Walkin 'Pups do not include some of the cool accessories the other pups come with. However she's perfect for a child who usually ignores these extra accessories or for the parent who not interested in keeping up with extra pieces. The Walkin 'Pups retails at $ 19.99 and runs off of three "AA" batteries.

FurReal Friends Lil 'Patter Pups

Next is the FurReal Friends Lil 'Patter Pups. These toy pups are modeled after the popular Pomeranian, Shih-Tzu and Lhasa Apso small breed dogs. Much like the real-life version of these puppies they Lil 'Patter Pups only weigh a few pounds so they are light enough for your child to pick up and hug. Not only do the Lil 'Patter Pups walk, but they bark and wag their tails too. She also recognizes her bone and sniffs it when you give it to her. These cute furry friends come with a stylish carrier to make transporting them fun and easy. They also include a bone accessory and an adoption certificate. The three "AA" batteries that are needed to power this pup are also included. All of this for under $ 25.

GoGo My Walkin 'Pup

Last but not least is GoGo My Walkin 'Pup. This FurReal Friend only comes in one model. The pure white Bichon Frise clone comes equipped with a remote control leash that allows you to take her for a real walk and guide where she goes. She can easily match your child's energy level as she ready to go as soon as you turn her on. GoGo My Walkin 'Pup is more suitable for the adventurous tike who's often on the move. You'll need 4 "C" batteries to keep this pup on her toes. GoGo My Walkin 'Pup is the most expensive of the FurReal walking dogs retailing at $ 59.

All of the FurReal Friends walking dogs are recommended for children age 4 and older. The batteries mentioned in each description are included with your purchase and it is recommended that the toys are turned off when they are not in use to reserve battery life. This toy is a great gift for birthdays as well as the upcoming holiday season. I hope this description of the Hasbro walking dog collection will assist you in your decision on whether this toy is right for you and your family. The FurReal Friends line is available at Toys R 'Us, Walmart and Amazon.


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