Cordless Clock-Radio Phones

Phones have become an integral part in the communication process of homes and offices. They are an efficient and economic mode of two-way communication. Phones have been in existence for long and improvised upon from time to time. Earlier models of phones were usually large pieces of equipment that could not be moved easily. With the advent of new technology, small, sleek and attractive designs of phones have been launched in the market to cater to a wide array of customers.

Cordless phones are the latest addition to the phone segment. They are based on the principle of a radio. It makes use of radio waves to transmit and receive information, which is decoded into sound and made audible. Cordless phones are available with a wide selection of functions. Most of the common brands feature call waiting, call barring, LED display on handset and base station, phone book memory, speed dialing and high quality sound output. Engineers have begun to integrate various devices into one gadget. One fine example of this is the Cordless Clock-Radio Phone. It serves three purposes by functioning as a phone an AM / FM radio and also as an alarm clock. This eliminates the need of keeping two separate instruments while extenuating the aesthetics of living space. Cordless Clock-Radio Phones are available in various colors and stylish designs to suit the taste of the buyer.

Cordless phone integrated with a radio and an alarm clock is a multi-featured gadget. It incorporates a snooze button and a regular wake function that starts ringing softly and gradually becomes louder. These units could have been priced from $ 45 to $ 75 for top end models. Cordless phone units are available with one year guarantee and may be replaced in case of a damage or malfunction. While purchasing a Cordless Clock-Radio Phone, it is advisable to closely scrutinize various features and buy one that fits the requirements.


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