Creating Ringtones and Transferring Them to Your Cell Phone for Free

Ringtones are very popular with people today. Many people like to put specific ringtones on their cell phones as a way to distinguish themselves from everyone else. You can buy tons or you can download them from free tone sites. Unfortunately, it often costs to transfers these files to your mobile phone via carrier fees. But, what if there was a way to create ringtones from the music you want and inputting it onto your mobile phone free of charge? Guess what? There is a way to do just that.

Downloading ringtone files via your computer often does not cost anything, as there are no carrier charges when you use your computer as there is when you use your cell phone. Therefore, the trick is downloading those tone files to your computer, then transferring those files from your computer to your cell phone, thereby skipping the carrier charges.

There are a few items you'll need in order to do this:

1. An USB data cable – this will connect your computer to your cell phone, wherey files can be transferred from one to the other (for free!)

2. DJ ToneXpress – The Ringtone Creator – you will need this software if you have Windows XP or Vista, as both operating systems will not recognize your phone and handle the file transfer when the USB data cable is connected between your computer and mobile phone.

Run DJ ToneXpress on your computer, plug one end of the data cable into your computer and the other end into your cell phone. DJ ToneXpress will display the existing photos, tones, and videos on your cell phone.

Choose the folder on your PC that has the files you want to move to your cell phone, select them, then copy them to your cell phone. As mentioned, you can transfer photos and tones to your computer from your cell phone as well. This can prove quite useful when you want to edit a ringtone on your computer.

If your computer and cell phone are both Bluetooth-enabled, Bluetooth can also transfer the files between the two for free without carrier charges as well, and without any cables at that!

With DJ ToneXpress, you can make an unlimited number of customizable ringtones from your PC music collection, CDs, and YouTube videos, compress full songs to play on your mobile phone, send free SMS messages, and easily post your tones on your MySpace profile page for free as well.

You can select any 5- to 60-second section of the song you wish to turn into a tone, plus add the ability to fade in or out of the song (useful for creating a good ringtone), and adjust the volume that the tone is played at. What's even better is that DJ ToneXpress allows unlimited use and provides free updates for life!

Ringtones are very popular in our world today and will be for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, to download a new tone to your phone often includes a carrier fee for downloading it via your phone. Fortunately, you can bypass this fee by utilizing your computer, a USB Data Cable or Bluetooth, your cell phone, and the DJ ToneXpress software program. By downloading the music file or ringtone to your computer, then transferring it to your phone, you will not pay carrier fees, you can edit the tone to be as long or as short as you want, have it fade in or out as you choose, adjust the volume as you wish, and can even add the ringtones to your MySpace profile page without paying any carrier fees.


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