Easy Shortcuts – How to Create Shortcuts on Android Desktop

Shortcuts on android desktop are small icons that let you quickly start apps or other functions on your android phone. If are a PC user, you must know how important shortcut is. With the help of it, you can easily and quickly access any programs you want. Shortcuts on android desktop function much like on a PC.

The Features of Shortcuts on Android Desktop

The most important feature of shortcuts is to achieve quick access. With the help of shortcuts, you can quickly start apps without digging through the menus, directly link to a specific website, call and send messages to certain contact, etc.

How to Create Shortcuts on Desktop?

In general, there are two ways to create shortcuts on android desktop. The first way is the traditional way. To add a shortcut, simple click Menu> Add> Shortcuts, and select any item you would like to operate. Or long press the blank space on home screen, and select Shortcuts from the pop-up box. There are several items in the box.

  • Application: add shortcuts for apps;
  • Bookmark: directly link to certain websites;
  • Direct dial or direct message: directly call or text a contact;
  • Settings: quick access to certain settings, like Wi-Fi settings, sound & display, locale, etc.

If you think the traditional way is a little bit complex, you should take a look at the second way, which is the faster and easier way. To install a shortcut app may be your first choice. With this kind of app, you can create shortcuts on your desktop android in an easy and fast way instead of digging through menus by menu.Easy Shortcut would meet your needs. It helps you easily add shortcuts for direct call and message, applications, activities, websites. Plus, you can optionally edit shortcuts' names and icons. Easy Shortcut lists all the shortcuts on your home screen; as a result, you can edit or delete them directly instead of backing to home screen again.


To add shortcuts on home screen, the two above ways can achieve it. To be honest, I prefer the second way because it is easy-to-use.


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