Extend Your Phone Battery – 15 Strategies To Prolong The Life Of Your Phone

It's hard to get your battery to last a long time. Most phones in this day and age are only expected to have rough 4-5 hours of talk time. And that counts all the extra stuff we like to do on our phones. With most phones acting as cameras, music players, GPS systems and portable internet, it's no surprise the life of our phone batteries are rather limited. I'd like to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your battery.

1. Turn off Bluetooth .

The Bluetooth radio can contribute to a quickly draining battery, so whenever you are not using your Bluetooth device, turn off bluetooth power in the settings menu. Some phones will allow you to set up a shortcut to do this much faster.

2. Lower Screen Brightness .

Do not have the screen on its brightest setting, but do not have it on its lowest either. There are rumors that having it consistently on lowest setting will cause you to strain your vision.

3. Decrease backlight time .

Similar to screen brightness, whenever the backlight is on it is using up much-needed battery power. The best thing to do is to have it turn off faster when the phone is idle.

4. Turn off 3G or dual mode .

The chips in UMTS or HSPA phones are HUGE drainers of your battery. In my opinion there are a couple very good reasons to turn off 3G if your phone gives you that option. First, if you never use internet it is not necessary to have that ability, so save your battery instead. Second, turning 3G off will reduce the amount of dropped calls that could occur when going from a 3G area to EDGE. On my phone I find that there may only be one bar of 3G but full bars of GSM strength. Still, since the phone is set up to look for 3G first it does not bother to see how good the reception really is, so causing dropped calls.

5. Stay in areas of good reception .

While it may sound odd for saving battery life, this is actually very important. When your phone is in areas of little or no reception, the phone is constantly searching for a better signal. The act of actively searching for a new signal quickly drains your battery. If you know you're in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčlimited coverage and are not desperate to make a call, either turn your phone completely off or put it in "airplane mode", which advances your phone from looking for phone towers.

6. Recharge when 1/3 full .

About 90% of my research showed this to be a great way to lengthen the overall lifetime of your battery. Usually it is bad to completely discharge the battery (let it altogether die) every single time. If you charge your battery when it is 33% full you will optimize your battery's overall life.

7. Turn off phone when not needed .

Such a simple idea, an explanation is not necessary. However, this is not possible for everyone as some people are on call for business. Since I'm not on call, I utilize my phone's Auto on / off feature; my phone automatically turns off at midnight and turns on at 6 AM.

8. Keep battery cool and keep out of sun .

Lithium batteries are built with protection from overheating, so charging the phone overnight or for 2 days does not damage your battery. If, however, it is overcharged for up to a week, the battery will heat up. Overheating will cause permanent damage to your battery. So do not leave it on the charger and keep it out of the sun.

9. No more vibrator .

The vibration mechanism on your phone takes power. Keep it on there only when absolutely necessary, such as meetings.

10. Lower your ringtone volume and keypad sounds .

Ringtone volume and those "beep-beep" sounds every time you press a button are power users.

11. Turn off screensavers and moving wallpaper .

The movements do use up extra energy and power. So while they make look real cool, think twice about how important it is for you to have it.

12. Set packet data access to "only when needed" .

When packet data access (typically found in the settings menu under "connectivity" or "network") is turned to Always Online, it means the phones are constantly searching for internet and making sure a connection is enabled. While this does not charge your bill for internet usage, it does strain your battery life.

13. Fully discharge your battery once every 30 charges .

In relation to tip # 6, optimal battery life is achieved when on the 30th charge you let the battery die completely before charging. Repeat every 30 cycles.

14. Turn off active applications .

The more multi-tasking you do on your phone, the faster your battery will reach Empty.

15. Clean the battery contacts .

Many websites advocate the practice of occasionally cleaning the contacts of your battery with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. This little bit of maintenance maximizes efficiency of energy transfer from your battery to your phone, making it extremely worthwhile.


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