Four Tricks You Can Do With Your Cell Phone

Now a days cell phones are the most popular item today. So here are few tips that I bet you never knew about your cell phone. Some are only for emergency situations, others are little tricks you can do for extra battery power. So check all the great tricks you can do with your cell phone.

Number One:

There is another number you can use other then 911. If you find yourself in a low coverage area you can press 112 to get an emergency contact. 112 will always work even if you have No Signal.

Number two:

There is hidden battery power in your phone. To activate the hidden battery power on your phone just press * 3370 #, the phone will restart and reserve power supply will show 50% power. This will be recharged next time.

Number Three:

If you lock your keys in the car. You can use your cell phone and with another person at, simply place the cell phone by the car and get another person to press the unlock button FOB at home.

Number Four:

You can disable your mobile if it is stolen even if you use a SIM card. To check your mobile serial number key in * # 06 #, a 15-digit code will appear on the screen, write down this number it is unique to your cell phone. When your phone gets stolen give the service provider this number and they can block the phone.

These are some helpful tips to try with your phone – give it a shot. Make sure to tell your friends and family members, this is some great info that people love to get.


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