Game Cameras On Sale – Tasco 3MP

In our search for game cameras on sale to review we sometimes surprise ourselves. Here's a cheap (in Price) trail camera that takes decent pictures and is easy to operate. The biggest surprise with this trail cam is the price. Last check was only 39 bucks on Amazon. That's less than half of almost any of the other game cameras on sale. And that is the everyday price! Now is it worth it? Lets Take a look under the hood.

Looking through the product specs we see that this deer camera has a 3MP lens. This is a good all around lens for these types of cams. Any less and quality takes a nose dive. It can hold a 2 GB SD card. That also is the minimum you would want. It will hold a ton pics but you can never have sufficient memory card space. But 2 GB is acceptable. As far as some of the other game cameras on sale the range on this trail cam is acceptable as well. 30 feet is common and on a unit at this price is a real bonus.

Model: 119203C
Resolution Settings: 1.3MP, 3MP
PIR Sensor: Up to 30 feet
Night Vision Flash: Xenon, 30feet
LCD Display: B & W text LCD
Power Supply: 4-D Cell
Battery Life: 90 Days
Video Mode: Yes
SD Capacity: 2 GB

OK enough of the techno babble right? Does this thing work and is it worth the money. Survey says-YES. Because of the low price on this deer camera there is a lot of feedback. One word of warning though- Do not expect great night time pictures. Of all the game cameras on sale that are reviewed here, this one had consistent poor reviews for night time pics. Guess you just cant have everything for $ 40 bucks. Too bad. On the good side, this unit looks to take good quality daytime pictures and has a capable trigger to help you get more animals in daylight on the card. Just do not expect great stuff from any pictures taken at night. Unto the animal is close. Like real close.

A few negative associated with this trail camera seem to be related to the on / off button. Seems you have to remove the batteries to get to the off button. Does not seem like the best place to put that but then again I do not own Tasco. The most common complaint was with the night time pictures as I said. Do not be too disappointed if they do not look like a $ 200 Primos. They just are two different animals.

As with any game camera security has to be taken into consideration. Try and keep these little guys discrete to help keep them from walking away. Many people have good luck mounting them 10 feet up in a tree and aiming it up or down a trail or at a feeding spot. Across trail aiming does not usually work for most people with most units. Definitely not with a little 40 buck unit like this guy.
So there you have it

-Good daytime pics
-Great Price

When compared to some of the more expensive game cameras on sale the Tasco 3Mp is a good buy.


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