Garmin Edge 800 GPS Unit Review

Garmin has recently introduced the successor to the extremely popular Edge 705, the Edge 800 GPS is one of the easiest bike computers to use that offers a number of significant new features unfound on the 705.

The Edge 800 features a full-color, 160×240 pixels, backlit display that offers riders the ability to see the fine details of a 1: 50,000 map clearly. The 37x55mm touchscreen, features a simple operating system similar to an iPhone, using the iPhone's swipe system to unlock the screen. The touchscreen offers easy to see large buttons and can be operated using gloves, making it the perfect bike computer for rides in the winter months.

The Edge 800 offers ride data in 3 customisable screens, offering a staggering 10 different pieces of information at any one time, which are clear and easy to read. The 800 offers a range of data, from important time information to an accurate calorie reading.

The 800 is Garmin GB Discover compatible, displaying an extensive range of OS maps, in fact the 800 comes complete with a 1: 50,000 UK map, which includes a 1: 25,000 map of national parks and other significant outdoor areas. The 800 features also Garvin's City Navigator or TOPO maps, offering riders an accurate step by step navigational guide or topographical view of the area. The navigation features of the 800 also display an array of interest points, such as local shops, ideal for cyclists who need to find certain areas quickly. The 800 also allows riders to pre-plan routes on their computer or access recommended routes as well as access data of previous rides, to help analyzes each journey's statistics.

Fitting the 800 is simple; it includes a secure, twin rubber O-rings which attach to the handlebars within a matter of seconds. Setting up the Edge 800 on the computer is also easy; simply attaching the provided USB will charge the device, while setting up the device only requires riders to insert a mapping chip into the MicroSD card slot. The battery life of the 800 is excellent, lasting a full day of long rides.

The Edge 800 is available in a variety of different bundles, with a number of different maps, heart rate monitors and speed / cadence units. The heart monitor performs impressively, whilst remaining extremely comfortable. The 800's ANT + wireless receiver allows it to integrate with a third-party power meter or optional speed and cadence sensor.

Extensive testing performed by independent cyclists revealed that the Edge 800 is one of the best bike computers available. It is easy to use, robust and waterproof. It offers cyclist an extensive range of useful data and its long battery life ensures that it can outlast those long training sessions.


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