Getting To Know The Minn Kota Talon

A day out fishing is supposedly to be about peace and quiet and no hassles. You catch more fish when it's like this. Especially in still, shallow water, successful fishing demands that there will be a steady tranquility. And the waterfall water anchor you use can go a long way in either preventing or allowing the necessary qualities for a good fishing day to manifest. The Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor is a new addition to the stern of many fishing boats that offers an interesting alternative to the Power Pole shallow water anchor. Let's take a look at a few things that are new and innovative about the Minn Kota Talon.

The fundamental difference between this new anchor and most of the other shallow water anchors on the market, the Power Pole included, is that the Talon's anchor setting system is electrical and mechanical, not hydraulic. This fact allows the operator to induce multiple software features and special modes (more on these later) and to operate the anchor with a wireless remote. The electrical operation can speed things up too, allowing the operator to press a button once and deploy the anchor instead of having to hold the button down the entire time that the anchor is deploying.

The MK T's most impressive feature, and one that is lacking on hydraulic models like the Power Pole anchor, is the autodrive feature. When the anchor is set, the autodrive applications three hits to drive the anchor securely into the river / lake / ocean floor. These successful hits – all completed without time consuming assistance from the operator – assures that the anchor is securely set.

One of the special features on the Talon, related to the autodrive feature, is the rough water mode. When the water gets rough and threatens to dislodge you from your spot, the anchor will apply six extra hits on top of the three already applied via the autodrive. The Power Pole does not offer this feature.

Also unique to this anchor is the wave absorption mode which basically engages a suspension on the anchor that allows the anchor to move with the boat in waves or otherwise rough water. You do not want to keep having to reset your anchor just because the waves are acting up a bit. That's valuable fishing time lost!

Yet another special feature of the anchor is the electronic depth indicator located on the back of the anchor and easily visible from the rear of the boat. Each unit of depth is represented by one LED, and this lets you accurately gauge how deep the anchor is already set and how much deeper it can go. This feature, along with the wave absorption mode, the autodrive, and the rough water mode are all unique to the electronic, battery powered operating system.

The Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor offers several advantages over hydraulic based anchors like the Power Pole. All and all, the many unique modes and features make it easier to catch fish and enjoy the day.


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