GSM Phone Accessories


Every cell phone has one thing in common that they need power to operate. This power comes from the re-chargeable battery that each phone has. When-ever the charge depletes, you charge it again with an adapter. At times, due to your over-sight, you may forget to top up the charge of your battery and run out of power, when the mobile phone shuts down. You were in the middle of a conversation. With your mobile now without power, you are unable to call him back. What do you do?

This is where you need, what is called a Cellboost. It comes with a plug which fits into your cell phone, and provides power for approximately 60 minutes of talk time. The unit is a small, light-weight hard container, which can be transported in a brief case, as a pocket book, or in your car's glove compartment. The Cellboost is a disposable unit and can be easily disposed. It releases the power to your phone quickly through a "quick-charge" method that transfers full power to your phone. It has been observed that a phone with a completely dead battery, Cellboost takes about two minutes to power up your phone.

The Cellboost battery charger comes in various models, each having a different plug type to fit the different types of cell phones. With a Cellboost, you get a stand-by power for your handset for the promised 60 minutes or more of talk time. Cellboost is compatible with a wide range of mobile handsets, like, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Siemens phones. When you buy a Cellboost, you need to buy one which is compatible with your phone. The product is available in drug stores, supermarkets, and airports.

Callboost can not be recharged like you recharge your regular cell phone battery. It is a disposable power boost product. The disadvantage is that you can not find out how much of power is left in the unit after you use it for certain time. Since Cellboost provides at least 60 minutes of talk time, you may estimate the time of usage left, by estimating how much talk time you have used up with the Cellboost plugged in your mobile. This is a very rough estimation and can not be called a dependable estimate. However, with the kind of price that you pay for Cellboost, which costs approximately $ 6.00, you can easily keep a spare one.

Cellboost does not require any connection to an electrical outlet. It does not require additional cables or hardware to function. You just need to plug in the unit to your handset and it starts to deliver the required power. Cellboost power may be used all at once or periodically as you require. When it is empty, you just simply discard it and get another.
Desktop Speaker Stand

It is the little things that make a real difference. Desktop Speaker Stand is a unit which lets you type and talk at the same time. With your mobile fully charged, you can synchronize the phone calendar with your PC at any time. Desktop Speaker Stand lets you have the complete freedom when you can synchronize the time and talk, hands free as well, hearing your caller loud and clear. This accessory is compatible with Sony Ericsson phones of types K700, P800, P900, P910 and Z1010. For a small conference, you can use the in-built speaker to talk and listen as well and for private conversations, there are two plugs available, one for Sony Ericsson phone and the other for your normal headset. Besides being a speaker phone, the unit also charges your Sony Ericsson handset and you can also maintain an address book in the system. The feature allows you to converse on the speaker phone even when your handset is charging. The Desktop Speaker Stand can also work on your mobile phone's battery and this makes the unit portable, where-by you can carry your Desktop Speaker Stand on your business trips or to meetings where you would need the function of a speaker phone.

USB Data Kit

USB Data Kit comes along with software designed to manage data a desk top PC and synchronize it with your mobile. The software has a handset manager. The manager is certain software, which lets you get the maximum application values ​​out of your handset. In this modern day of communication era, while mobile handsets lets you store many of your personal data, such as, phone book, and other personalized configuration, the utility of USB Data Kit supports different languages, such as, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (China), Czech and Slavic Languages, German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, and many more. This provides more flexibility for you to accomplish more out of your phone in your personal and business life. USB Data Kit is helpful in many ways which includes efficient message exchange, effective database management, and creative SMS design.

Bluetooth Headset

High end mobile handsets are all Bluetooth enabled. A Bluetooth is a device by which a wireless connectivity could be set up between your headsets, your mobiles and could be extended to patching this with your car's audio system and your onboard navigation equipment. The device enables you to make phone calls, synchronizing data with desktop computers, sending and receiving faxes, printing documents, etc. It works on short range Radio Frequency (RF) transmission, operating at 2.4GHz, featuring data transmission at the rate of 1Mbps.

Bluetooth sets up a wireless connection between your headset and your mobile phone and is capable in setting up such wireless connectivity between many other devices. It is an inexpensive way to have a secure short range RF connectivity, and with this device you can set up up to seven established connectivity at any one time, which may include, cell phones, headsets, cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, printers, keyboards, handheld computers, and even Bluetooth-capable cars.

Bluetooth provides a talk time of up-to 5 hours, with a stand-by time of 100 hours, and some of the models weigh about 21 grams. In selecting a Bluetooth, you should first determine if the product is easy to put on and remove, and that you are comfortable in wearing the device. You will need to see if the volume and other controls are easy to operate. It is important that the battery is rechargeable and the specifications should mention the number of devices that it can set up connectivity with.
Universal FM Headset

With a Universal FM Headset, you can tune or seek stations automatically from the headset itself. A 4-digit LCD display lets you see what frequency you are on and when a call comes, you just need to press a button on the headset microphone to talk while your radio gets switched off. After you have finished your conversation, continue with your FM music by ending the call with the same button on the microphone. When traveling internationally, you need to remember that the power outlets, ie, the electrical power sockets are different in countries abroad and also are the electrical power, which is 220 volts AC in most of the countries. Therefore, it is necessary to carry with you the required adapters for the country that you are visiting. You will need to ascertain the compatibility of the adapters with the concerned people before buying any such.

You also need to remember that most of the batteries that are used contain environmentally harmful materials. Therefore, you need to be careful as to how you dispose them. You need to be aware of accessory over-load. Be careful in applying more electrical power, since if you do you may damage the device.

Universal Battery Charger

A dead phone battery has often landed you in a spot when you frantically want to make an urgent call. You could be stranded in the middle of nowhere and you so much wish that you had a spare battery or a charger. A Universal charger can provide you with the feature to recharge your mobile phone battery from a variety of sources, including a computer USB port, a car cigarette lighter, or a pair of AA batteries that would give you enough power for a good few hours of use. The options will give you the mental relief of not having to run out of battery power for your mobile. A Universal Battery Charger fits a wide range of phones and is especially advantageous due to its capability in letting you charge your mobile battery from the USB port of your PC, your car cigarette lighter, or even from two AA batteries through a wide variety of adapters .


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