Hearing Aid Batteries

For any electronic product, battery is the main component to keep it charged for the maximum time of duration and hearing aid is not an exceptional device since it also needs lots of power and energy. Hearing aid batteries are mostly made of zinc in order to generate high energy and power. Even though these zinc batteries are light in weight they give large amount of energy. They have a label which should be peeled off only if the person is ready to use the battery because it gets activated once the tab is removed. So it is very important to buy an unopened battery.

The effectiveness of the digital hearing aid lies in the quality of the battery and it is important to use high efficiency devices to sustain for long and to get maximum advantages. It's more advisable to get a reliable battery with good quality so that one can try to avoid periodic failures. These batteries are available in different sizes, shapes and capacities. The colors of the battery distinguishing the manufacturer's name. Red batteries denote size 5, yellow size 10, orange size 13, brown 312 and finally blue 675.

The size of the battery depends on the high performance of the device. The capacity of the battery is measured in milliampere (MAH), the capacity of 610mah batteries are better than 70mAh battery since the former one last for long period. A regular battery can be used for 3 to 22 days relying on the type and capacity of the product. If the sound is getting reduced the battery should be changed the volume should be increased. It is also good to have an extra set of batteries since the aid may lose its power unexpectedly. Battery should be kept away from keys, coins or from all metal objects since they may cause short circuit and result in leakage or explosion.

When the user hears the alarm they should switch off the device immediately since it indicates the battery is low. It is good to keep the battery holder open in the night so that the moisture can evaporate and it avoids unwanted damages or corruption. When the aid is not in use for a short period of a more than two days it's recommendable to switch off or open the battery and remove the aid.

Once the aid is dead it should be removed immediately. Before changing the battery the person should wash their hands properly since the unwanted dirt may cause some problems. Battery should be stored in normal room temperature. It is advisable to buy eco friendly batteries so that it will be easier to dispose. One can buy button cell battery either with zinc air or silver oxide and alkaline. Battery should be also kept away from the children since they are highly poisonous and harmful.


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