HHO Fuel Cells

The HHO fuel cells are the ones that produce the Browns gas, also known as hydroxy or hybrid hydrogen gas which can be used as an effective supplementary fuel. When done so, we have a complete combustion cycle (we actually don leave the unused gas to get wasted in catalytic converter) resulting in more efficiency, lesser emissions and more and more great advantages.

The wrong impression about power consumption

The HHO fuel cells function with 1 amp current and also can get along at a voltage of 12 V. That should prove that the power taken up from the batteries is less than the wind shield wipers! This is in fact very trifle percent of what the batteries produce. So there is no need to worry about power, in fact they act like as if they run out of nothing. The carbon dirt accumulating in the engine is the main reason for reduced life in most of the cases and use of HHO fuel cells eliminates this problem as it splits apart carbon and never leaves it to accumulate at all.

How to over come freezing problems in cold weather? Controls explained

The amount of catalyst that you add, baking soda here is the catalyst can regulate to some extent the heat while the electrolysis going on. Additionally you can also have the Pulse Width Modulator to control it well. And freezing can be completely avoided by adding some 20% of denatured alcohol.

More tips your way!

The water level can be checked like every 3 hours of the cell usage, so that it is possible for you to get a long life out of the cell. If you leave partial cells more often the container may implode, imagine the case of hot empty can immersed in cold water! You are having the option to reduce pollution, increase efficiency of fuel usage and increase MPG, HP and engine life for under $100. Adding HHO fuel cells is one such option which needs no decision making, but just execution of plans!


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