How to Calibrate Battery on an Android Device?

It's an era of mobile phones, Android being the king operating system used. But there is a big issue faced by all the users, yes it is the battery problem. The performance of the batteries is reduced by a very great margin or sometimes it will get drained in a very short span of time or it will not charge at all. At this time we think of replacing our battery. But before replacing, we must try calibration because it may increase the performance and life of our battery.

This article is for the group of readers who want to increase the performance and life of their battery.


Sometimes our battery gets charged and discharged very quickly, and then we need the process of battery calibration to make it work in a proper way.


There are basically two methods for it:

1: For non rooted devices.

2: For rooted device.


Apply the following steps for calibration:

• keeping the phone on, fully charge the battery.

• Then remove the charger from it, and switch off the phone.

• Again charge the phone keeping it off, till it shows fully charged.

• Disconnect the phone from the charger and switch on the phone again.

• Increase the brightness of the screen to 100% and change the settings to keep the screen lights always on.

• Again charge the phone till it shows fully charged.

• Now disconnect the charger from the phone and allow it to get fully discharged.

• When you will use the phone after recharging it again, it will work properly. You can change the screen brightness settings now.

It's a bit lengthy procedure, but nothing can be done as this is the only procedure.


It's an easier less time consuming procedure. For this procedure, there are a number of applications available on Google Play. We can use these applications to calibrate our battery. One of the widely used applications is Battery Calibration. Install it from Google Play and apply the following steps:

• Charge the phone till it shows 100% charged.

• Now click on the "calibrate" button.

• Now use the phone and allow it to get completely discharged Ie till the time when it can not start for a single millisecond. (It generally happens that the phone gets switched off with 2% or 3% battery remaining and we restart it and its use for a few more minutes. want 0% charge in our battery or no charge at all).

• Restart the phone by charging it again, and it will work properly.

There are a number of other applications also available for this purpose. Some of them are:

1. Battery life repair.

2. Battery doctor.

3. Battery widget.

4. Battery HD and many more.

Calibration of batteries on Android phones is simply based on deleting the old batterystats.bin file in the data / system / directory and updating it with the new file with the fresh data.


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