How to Choose the Right AA Battery Charger

What are they?

First off, AA battery chargers are used to reverse electrical current back into a rechargeable battery. By doing this the charger pushes the energy directly back into the battery. This is perfect for any vacation or trip where you have a possible use for batteries.

A lot of chargers today are able to recharge the most common types of rechargeable batteries, NiCd and NiMH. These names are actually the names of the cell in the battery. These cells allow the currents back in when they have been reversed. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL because not all alkaline batteries are rechargeable. Just ask the guy online who tried to disprove that theory. His theory that all alkaline batteries could be recharged was less than successful. Luckily neither he, nor his kitchen, suffered too much damage.

Why spend the money?

In today's market of MP3 players, digital cameras, portable video games, and all the other things we use nowdays, these are things that we "could not live without." I know that every time my batteries on my digital camera die, it makes me very sad that I will not be able to capture the moments of my life. Imagine if your camera was never out of batteries. That is the amazing capability of these AA battery chargers.

Along with a great product, most AA battery chargers come with around 4 rechargeable batteries. These are perfect "starters" for the kit. The other helpful part of the batteries is that it shows you what kind to get. It is also helpful because usually the company that sells the battery charger also will sell the batteries. This way you always have a place where you know you're able to get replacement batteries, if you lose the originals.

Which one to buy?

There are many different types of AA battery chargers. There are "overnight" chargers to the new LED display fast acting battery chargers. The "overnight" battery chargers are given their name because you must leave the battery in overnight in order to get a complete charge. Depending on your reason for a AA battery charger this could be very helpful. The plus side of "overnight" chargers is that there is a minimal chance that you will overcharge the batteries. The benefit of that is that the batteries will last longer.

However, there are also many upsides to the newer, faster chargers. First is the obvious fact that they are faster. They usually take around 2 hours to complete a charge. This is helpful for a person who is more on the run. Another upside is that they usually tell you how far the battery is so that you know when to take it out on time.

Common Questions

First off, most people think that if you buy a charger and battery set from one company, that the only charger you can use to recharge those batteries is the same brand charger you used before. This is not true. A lot of battery chargers can charge any rechargeable AA batteries.

Another common question is about quality. The main thing to remember is that just because it costs more does not mean that it is higher quality. Similarly, if it does not cost that much that does not need to mean that it is going to be a lower quality. It is all about the product itself.


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