How to Differentiate AA Lithium Batteries From Other Batteries

Did you know that batteries are different from each other based on their construction, usage and shelf life? Basically, if you know how to differentiate them from each other, you can optimize the full potential of the battery you have. One of the well-known types is the AA lithium ones or also known as single-use alkaline b. Under the alkaline battery category, there are also several different types, including the rechargeable ones.

Alkaline Batteries

This type is constructed differently from other battery types on the market today. They are however constructed in the same form, the standard cylindrical form. It is believed that this form can replace zinc carbon types. Unlike most types, the alkaline family is available in button form similar to those found in your watch. Basically, it has a cylindrical cell covered with steel can. The center of the cell is typically hollow.

Uses of AA-Type Batteries

We usually use a battery without even bothering to determine its content. In most times, a same sized one is not suitable to a particular device or it may not function properly to certain equipment. For instances, a remote toy car requires two AA-type. This does not imply that every AA-type is the right type to use. For a TV remote, it is not highly recommended to use lithium-AA batteries. However, the alkaline are beneficial to general household electronics and these devices will optimize the energy of the battery.

AA Batteries' Shelf Life

Shelf life is the expected life span of batteries. It will determine how long you need before you purchase new ones. The shelf existence of the battery is affected by many factors. This includes the size and type of cell. In addition, the manufacturers can also dictate how long it will last. Generally, cheap ones have lower shelf life than expensive ones, which can be technically concluded to be the best rechargeable batteries . For an alkaline AA-type, the expected shelf life is approximately 5 years.


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