How to Look at His Cell Phone Bill If You Suspect Him of Cheating Or Having an Affair

It’s only logical to look to your husband or boyfriend’s cell phone when you suspect him of cheating. After all, he probably keeps this device with him at all times and he probably thinks he can easily hide or keep it from you.  But, there is a record of all activity on his cell phone bill and I get a lot of questions about how to get a hold of this and what the bill will tell you (or won’t.)  I’ll address these things in the following article.

The Paper Trail:  If your husband or boyfriend keeps paper records, you’ll likely find this bill among these items.  This is usually the easiest way because no password is required.  What you’ll usually get here is a list of phone calls, texts, picture messages, web activity, etc. with a list of dates and times.  But, often you won’t get what the texts or calls said or which sites were visited.  And, you’ll only get the number.  It won’t tell you who the number belongs to.  It will, however, tell you the length of each call.  Obviously if you see long conversations with a number that you don’t recognize, you’ll want to take notice.

Many people will be tempted to just call the number to try to figure out who it belongs to.  But, I feel this is a mistake. What if it’s a client, innocent friend of coworker? How embarrassed will you be and how will you explain this when you are caught?  The better option is to run the number through a reverse phone directory, find out who it belongs to, and then if it’s someone you don’t know, go by that residence when your man is suspiciously absent to see if he’s there.  You don’t want to accuse until you have proof.  The other option is to get spy ware or software that will allow you to read the context of the text messages so you don’t have to literally follow him around if you don’t want to.

Getting His Cell Phone Bill (And Potential Proof Of Cheating) Online: Almost all cell phone companies allow you to pull up your account online.  This will give you the same information that the paper bill did.  However, you’ll need his password to access this.  Again, you’ll only be given the number, whether it was voice or sms, the time of the call, and the amount of time the call lasted.  This only gives you a limited amount of knowledge, but it’s a place to start.

The Call Log: Getting Your Hands On The Phone:  Of course, optimally you’ll want to literally get your hands on the phone.  That way, you can run the call log and check out the in box and outbox for texts and calls.  Often though, men aren’t stupid and they’ll delete this. The spy ware that I talked about before can often get these back.  Again, you’re looking for repetitive suspicious activity that you can use to reverse look up who that number belongs to and go from there.

Many women will tell me that they can’t get a hold of the phone.  The husband won’t set it down or guards it like a hawk.  My response is always that he has to shower or sleep eventually.  He’ll put it down then.  Or, allow the battery to almost die on your own phone so that when you go to use yours, whoops you have no working phone.  Can you borrow his?  While you’re using his phone, excuse yourself for an emergency bathroom visit (continue talking to your trusted friend and stay on the call until he can’t hear you and then disconnect and do what you need to do) or come up with a plausible explanation to excuse yourself and check out the phone in private.


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