How to Make Alkaline Water With a Simple and Easy Way at Home

When people know the benefit of ionized water, they want to know how to make alkaline water right away with simple and easy methods. Alkaline water has been proven to give benefit for our health. It contains anti-aging and anti-oxidant elements to slow down and be a barrier for our skin aging process. Not only that, the free radicals represented by hydroxyl radicals will detoxify toxic substances inside our body.

Alkaline water is water with pH above 7. Safe pH for us is around 7.2 to 8.5. The simplest way to make alkaline ionized water is to add baking soda in the cup of water. I guarantee that the pH of the water will increase rapidly to around 9 or even 10, depending on the initial pH of the water before the addition. However, one note though. Baking soda will only increase the pH or at least make the water becomes alkaline. But it will not improve the taste. So, it is the cheapest way to make alkaline water, however it is not ionized water!

Ionized water that makes our body healthy is also alkaline. But, the difference is, this water contains minerals that our body needs. Where do these minerals come from? Ionized water is generally produced by employing water ionization process incorporating two difference electrodes. These electrodes process the water so that the water separates into acidic and alkaline. One electrode which has positive charges will attract negative ions within the water and produces alkaline ionized water that contains minerals that are beneficial to our body. On the other hand, the negative electrodes will attract positive ions on the water. These ions are unwanted, they also give brown color to the water.

It is important to know how to make alkaline water for your health. But, you still must be very careful. High quality ionized alkaline water will only be produced by a good water ionizer. You can make by yourself, but it may trouble you and the result may sometimes be bad. So, the best recommendation to make alkaline water is to buy water ionizer. However, water ionizer is quite expensive device, but as long as you consider it as an investment for your health or home use, you will take the benefit as many as possible.


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