How to Optimize Your iPhone's Battery Life

The iPhone is an amazing device which has revolutionized the cell phone industry. It introduced touch-screen technology and applications (also known as apps) which give the iPhone user access to almost every tool imaginable for a cellular phone. All of these applications, however, can take quite a toll on the iPhone's battery life. There are some things you can do to try to optimize your iPhone's battery life.

1. Use your sleep button! When you have finished using your phone, click the sleep button so that your backlight turns off and stops running down battery life. You should do this each and every time you are done using your phone.

2. Under the Settings tab, go to your Brightness setting, and lower it to about halfway. You should also turn on the Auto-Brightness.

3. Minimize the use of applications that use location services, as these applications will run your battery down at a much higher pace. You can even turn off location services under Settings> General.

4. Minimize the use of third party applications. Various applications, like many games which require the constant refurbishing of your iPhone, will burn through your battery life faster than you can imagine.

5. Disable your 3G network. This is especially important if you are in a limited 3G network, as the service will already be less than desirable. While data may load a little slower using your EDGE network, it will definitely help preserve your battery.

6. Turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it. This is very simple to do. Just go to the Wi-Fi tab under settings and turn it to OFF.

All of these tips will assist you in maximizing your iPhone's battery. However, the last and most effective way to optimize your battery life is to purchase a Battery Pack. An iPhone battery pack is a case which slides onto your phone which has the ability to double or even triple your iPhone's battery, allowing you to enjoy all of the features of your iPhone without having to worry about running out of battery.


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