How to Recover Lost and Deleted Data From Kingston Memory Cards

Kingston SD (Secure Digital) card are easy to use memory storage devices which can be utilized for a wide range of host devices like digital cameras, camcorders, portable media players, cell phones etc. These cards can be formatted to FAT, FAT 32 and NTFS file system. At times, you must have encountered problems while transferring data from the card to your computer. This happens when the logical structure of the card gets corrupted. In such cases, one can restore the digital files with the help of an updated backup. In case there is no backup maintained, a memory card recovery software will help you to recover inaccessible data.

As a practical case, you may encounter the following error while transferring your audio or video or photo files from the card to computer:

“Error, library cannot open file”

The above error indicates the memory card has got damaged.

There are circumstances which can lead to file system damage and resulting in corruption like:

  • Switching off a mobile phone/camera/other usb device before a file is completely written to the card.
  • Removing the memory card from a mobile phone/camera/other usb device while a read/write process is going on.
  • Batteries empty when photos are being transferred from the camera/mobile phone to a computer.
  • Pulling out the card from a card reader while its content are open on a computer.
  • Using a card which has not been formatted according to a host device.
  • Rapidly writing and deleting files when the card is full.

If the card has got corrupted, the only way to set it right is formatting and make sure you take the backup of lost files and use a memory card recovery tool. These tools are available in abundance on the Internet and it is always suggested to gauge the recovering capabilities of a software by downloading the free version which gives a glimpse of the recoverable data.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a comprehensive memory card data recovery tool which extracts all your lost/deleted multimedia files (pictures, videos, audios etc). The software, which is available both for Windows and Mac users, is an easy to use application, all one needs to do is to download it and recover data in 4 simple steps: select, scan, save and recover. The utility supports supports recovery of different audio (MIDI, AIFF, M4A, WMA, MP3, WAV), video (AVI, MOV, WMV and MP4) and photo (JPEG, EXIF, PGM, PNG etc) formats.


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