How to Remove BlackBerry Battery and Reset Hard

When you really need to start over, you can try a hard reset.

1. Turn off your BlackBerry by pressing and holding the power button (the Red Phone key). In some cases, if your BlackBerry is locked, it may not turn off, just remove the battery as shown in the next steps.

2. Remove the battery cover. Slide the back cover down and off the back of your BlackBerry.

3. Gently pry out and remove the battery. You will have to put your fingernail in the top right or left edge next to the printed gray or black smooth semicircle and pry the battery out from the bottom edge. It has a few small tabs holding it in at the top of the BlackBerry.

4. Wait about 15 seconds.

5. Replace the battery, making sure to slide in the top of the battery first and press down from the bottom.

6. Replace the battery door by sliding it up until it latches.

7. Power on your BlackBerry (it may come on automatically). Then, you will need to wait a little for the timer to go away (up to several minutes).

8. If you see OFF next to your radio tower indicator in the upper-left or upper-right corner, you will need to turn on your wireless radio again. To do this, tap the Menu key, and click the radio tower icon, which says Manage Connections, and then click Restore Connections.

How to Update BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry is continuously updating the operating system (OS) software for its devices.

Sometimes, if you are having problems, they might actually already have been addressed by a newer version of the software. It is generally a good idea to check for software updates on a regular basis for just this reason.

Check BlackBerry's Current OS Version

To see which OS you have, you can click your Options icon, and select About. An even faster way is to bring up the Help Me! screen by simultanously pressing and holding ALT + CAP + H.

TIP: You can also view things like free memory and battery strength if you scroll down to the bottom of the Help Me! screen.

The first two digits next to App Version are your OS version; the precedent image shows this BlackBerry is running version 5.0.

How Can I Update My BlackBerry OS?

You can update your OS (also called firmware), using Desktop Manager or with a wireless update from your BlackBerry.

Using Desktop Manager

If you use Desktop Manager for Windows or Mac, you will be informed of OS updates and be able to update using either software.


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