HTC MyTouch 3G Slider Accessories

A smartphone of 3.4 HVGA touchscreen with an optical track pad and genius voice recognition button available to make call easily while driving. HTC MyTouch 3G slide comes with exciting features such as 3.5mm audio jack giving you a clear sound while conversation or even listening music. 3G slide has a wide range of accessories and all of them makes it more smarter, attractive and more productive when needed.

T-Mobile MyTouch Screen Protectors: Particularly made for MyTouch users protecting their cell phone screen from fingerprints, scratches and also reduces glare.

T-Mobile MyTouch JWIN ultra-portable speaker: Portable and small in size, the JWIN ultra-portable speaker has powerful built-in loud speakers the iSP100 gives the best sound quality like any other speaker. With a carry pouch protecting the device from any damage it's ready to go where you want to take it.

3G Clear Leopard Skin: Soft rubberized skin case protects your phone from scratches and casual handling. The HTC MyTouch 3G accessories with clear Leopard flexible and durable skin perfectly fits with your phone preventing its beauty.

Rear Car Window Antenna: Boosts reception of your phone while driving and transmits and receives signals effectively the rear car window antenna reduces the amount of calls dropped by you while driving. Its best feature is that it is easy to install and there is no need to drill your car and also makes your signal stronger especially in low signal areas.

My Touch Slide Extended Battery Door: MyTouch slide extended battery door works perfect with HTC MyTouch Super Extended battery and will not attract finger prints Plus will keep phone shiny as it was before.

JABRA extreme Bluetooth Headsets: Made with latest noise reducing technology and automatic voice control according to the environment and your conversation the JABRA extreme Bluetooth Headset ensures the comfort and secure fit on your ear plus giving a natural voice on both ends.

Body Glove Snap-On: Designed to feel like a golf glove it is a case that fits on your phone. The Body glove snap-on has a adjustable kick stand and a removable knob for a low profile plus it allows for access in all controls including charging port.

Amzer® 3500 mAh Battery Backup Solar Charger: A nightmare for every smartphone user is that when the phone is dead at the time of need plus all the sparred batteries are experiencing a downtime too. The Amzer® 3500 mAh Battery Backup Solar charger makes sure that its solar charger helps you in emergency situation plus you ca charge the battery through USB, AC adapter or even with a car charger.

3.5 MM OEM head sets: Reducing the background noise and ensuring that you get a clear voice the 3.5 MM OEM head set has a easy way to start and end conversation or music with its onboard buttons. This smart headset also has a miniature clip which fits in place.

Warrington Smartphone Horizontal Case: The Warrington Smartphone horizontal case protects your phone from scratches and dust, its luxurious leather gives a stylish look while attached on your belt or strap. Other features include magnetic closure and horizontal design minimizing the drop-off from your belt.


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