Huawei Ideos U8150 Tips for Maximizing Battery Life

With the growing popularity of the Huawei Ideos U8150 and the increasing number of users, one of the common practices is poor battery life. While this jurisdiction is anecdotal, by selecting optimal settings for the phone, the battery life can be extended to give a greater user experience.

Some mobile phone users may unknowingly have many functions on their Ideos switched on without using these applications that continuously drain the battery.

Simply by making these few simple changes, the battery life of the Ideos U8150 will be extended:

1.When not using the phone, touch the power button to lock the screen. This blacks out the screen. Turning the screen back on is by pressing the select key or touching the power button.

2.Set the screen timeout to the smallest value. This allows the phone to enter the sleep mode quicker.

3.Set the screen brightness to a lower intensity. Often the screen brightness is overkill for what is needed. There is even an automatic screen brightness selection which adjusts the brightness according to the local conditions that the phone is operating under.

4.Turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions.

5.Disable background data synchronization. In many cases, there is no benefit of continuous data synchronization. Daily synchronization is often just as effective.

6.Disable data service. This stops the phone from transmitting data on any mobile network (even calls are still enabled). Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operate independently.

7.Disable GPS

8.Use only 2G networks. Connections will be to slightly slower networks.

A video demonstrating, how to change these settings, is available at .

Once familiar with these settings, it is simple to monitor what is draining the energy and respond accordingly to maximize the battery life of the Ideos U8150.


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