iPhone Tutorial – 5 Tips When Traveling Abroad With Your iPhone

I have recently started traveling around the world and have relied immensely on my iPhone to make the journey more enjoyable, prevent loss of information, and even point me in the right (or if I wish random but interesting) direction.

I will briefly teach you my favorite 5 top tips for traveling abroad with your iPhone

It is remarkable how much the world, as well as our daily lives have changed since the advent of mobile phones and in particular smart phones, such as the iPhone 3g by Apple. Some of us can remember the days when we use to make appointments once a day and kept them because there was no way to communicate the change of plan unless you were at home. Nowadays we need to be able to use the tools to our disposal to make better informed decisions … Even when on holiday or traveling.

The fact that there are websites that cater solemnly for providing high quality iPhone tutorial videos and cheat sheets is testament to this new wave of technology.

The cost of traveling with the internet in your pocket

With the recent advances, especially with the large amount of high quality Internet-connected applications that are available for the iPhone, trying to accomplish your daily tasks without the Internet on your phone becomes a problem.

This is a dilemma myself and other high frequency or power users of the iPhone have faced when having to travel abroad with your iPhone, which brings a few interesting challenges with it when you find out the roaming rate for data is between £ 3 and £ 6 between Europe and the rest of the world.

Luckily I have traveled internationally with my iPhone many times and found some novel solutions and will now supply a few tips to make traveling abroad with your iPhone a painless and more enjoyable experience.

Tip 1: Disable voicemail before leaving

Most carriers for the iPhone will charge you to receive voice-mails while you are abroad. With the Visual voicemail feature of the iPhone this means you will be charged international rates every time someone leaves a voicemail, whether you listen to it or not. It is easy to avoid these charged by disabling your voicemail while traveling abroad. For UK customers, to switch voicemail divert off dial 1760. On your return to switch it back on dial 1750.

Another way of disabling voice-mail before traveling is to type # 004 # and call. Enabling voice-mail on your return can be done by typing * 004 # and pressing call. Not all Networks across the globe allow this functionality, so if this tip does not work for you just call your operator support to disable the visual voicemail

Tip 2: Disable data roaming.

Unfortunately data roaming with the iPhone Internet enabled applications can work out cost if you were not expecting it. It is surprising how much data an application such as email or normal web browsing can consume, which will leave you with a big shock when you find the bill at the end of the month.

To do this from the home screen click settings- general settings- network- data roaming – off

There are ways to still use your applications such as GPS navigation even with this feature turned off as explained later in this tutorial.

Before you go traveling I suggest you clear the data so so if you do switch on the data roaming occasionally for checking a significant email or website, you will know exactly what the charge will be. To clear the data usage counters, from the home screen press the settings button, then press "usage" and lastly press "reset statistics" button.

Tip 3: enable flight mode when not expecting calls.

If you are on holiday, I'm sure you do not want to be interrupted while listening to your favorite mp3's while tanning on the white beaches of Sardinia or another gorgeous part of Europe.

oThis will stop you from receiving calls while activated, but more importantly prevent your battery from running flat for when you really DO need to make an important call.

o if you are near a WIFI access point you can still activate the wireless While the phone is still in airplane mode giving you the best solution: Internet access without data roaming charges and linger battery life.

Tip 4: Download the GoogleMaps so they are ready for GPS without incurring data rates

o Download the Google maps prior to leaving your home country. All you need to do is to open the Google maps app, search for your destination (preferably your hotel accommodation or street address) and zoom in and around.

o The Google maps app will keep these maps in its temporary cache and will not require Internet access to display them again once you arrive in your destination.

o Prior to leaving I suggest to drop a pin on your points of interest, which you can then use as place marks to find your way around.

o If you have access to a Internet cafe or WIFI access point at your accommodation you can also visit your itinerary stops over the WIFI connection and have those maps cached when you are out and about.

Tip 5: Download offline translation applications.

o most of us will be familiar with the free applications such as iTranslate which uses Google translate over your Internet connection to translate between languages. When abroad this data transfer can be costly. I have found that paying a few dollars or pounds for the offline version of the software which includes phrases and vocabulary is much better and performances significantly faster.

Please note that these are only a small extract of tips for traveling with your iPhone from iPhoneTutorialVideos.com

There are many more techniques available that will help you use your iPhone when abroad and you would be surprised with the results that this little computer in your pocket can realize once you get to know its secrets.

As a teaser I will leave you with the following questions to think about:

How can carrying toothpicks in your travel bag help you and your iPhone out of a uncomfortable situation? Is it possibly to put a local simcard in your iPhone when abroad WITHOUT jail-breaking your iPhone? Have you ever wanted to listen to your mp3's on your iPhone while snorkeling in the Great Barrier reef?

With these few tips I hope your experience of using your iPhone while traveling abroad or maybe even the world will be more enjoyable.


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