Kindle eReader: A Wireless Reading Device That Makes Reading a Joy

The much awaited Kindle 3 eReader was launched on 28th, July 2010 and is set to remain the market leader for years to come. Kindle has been the top seller at Amazon for 3 years and this upgraded Kindle and aggressive promotion by Amazon, will ensure that this new wireless reading device will remain their best seller.

In the marketplace are several wireless reading devices and they all have good features. The iriver story and Barnes and Noble eReaders are very good reading devices and technology and a strong competitive market means there will be regular releases of upgraded devices which will be smaller, cheaper and more comfortable with longer battery life and more features.

The new Kindle is significantly better than the older models. It is 21% smaller and 17% lighter with no loss in screen size. It weighs 421 grams, less than a paperback and the rubberised back makes it extremely comfortable to hold.

The Webkit browser or Whispernet allows you to surf the Web with ease. There are two models, the Kindle WiFi and the Kindle 3G / WiFi. Although they are not cheap, considering their excellent features, they are competitively priced ..

Amazon says that a charged battery will last for a month if the WiFi is not used, and it has storage capacity for over 3,500 ebooks. The screen has excellent contrast ratio and enables you to read in the brightest sunlight without glare. The E ink technology makes the text look real as in books and there are stories of people trying to peel the pages.

I find the Amazon eBook store provides a good service and you can download your eBook and start reading it within minutes wherever you are.

There are some excellent features such as the Kindle is slim, lighter and comfortable, fast refresh, crystal clear contrast, able to browse the Web, long battery life and stores up to 3,500 ebooks with an internal flash memory of 4GB.

There are, however, some other bits that need a mention. The page turning button is bit fiddly. There is no port for memory extension as with other eReaders. It does not support EPUB and it comes in only one color-gray.

Some people find the Kindle a better option when reading in bed but it is a very acceptable alternative to hardbacks and paperbacks if you are a frequent flyer or a business person who travels a lot or overnight in hotels. It is a good companion for holiday makers and fits well in rucksacks or handbags.


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