Laptop battery cant charge

Laptop battery cant charge

Hi guys, maybe we always face this situation: you own a Inspiron 6400 notebook for your business and work. you have finished work which must be reviewed by your customer or BOSS tomorrow, you accidently left your laptop in sleep mode and the battery discharged completely, then you charge your battery with AC charger, aslo your notebook OS reports that it is charging. After one night, you want to take your laptop to office, but the battery shows it is at 0% state-of-charge.

You try to charge it many times, but not work, that means your laptop battery cant charge. Why your laptop battery cant charge, it is caused by your laptop or your laptop battery or your AC adapter?

First : Try cleaning the contacts metal on the battery. Ensure that your notebook’s power adapter connect the power, another paragraph has been connected with the notebook, and if the problem is not resolved. Would suggest that you remove the battery power adapter only through your computer.

If you can not restart the computer, it should be a problem with power adapter, I suggest you replace the adapter.

Also if your battery is very hot when charging, it maybe cant charge. You’d better take the battery out of laptop. After 1 hours, the battery temperature lower, then installed the battery to the laptop and charging.

There will be a large voltage electricity when charging the battery and plug in/out battery. The interface client often spark. In that time it is very easy to break the battery and mainborad. Generally the laptop battery cant charge after too many plug in/out times. So you should turn off your laptop when plug in/out battery.

The laptop battery also have a automatic battery protection CMOS chip to prevent over-discharge and other wrong operation. Some times the CMOS chip will automatically start the automatic protection and lock the battery to forbid charging. So you must store your battery in a cool dry area for about 3-5 days to unlock the battery. If it is cant work you must send your battery to repair center or change a new laptop battery.

Usually you must calibrate your battery every two months. You will find some useful info about How to calibrate your laotop battery here.

Please notice this : Take care of your battery, dont over charge-discharge your battery too many times. You’d better charge your battery at about 20% state-of-charge and store it at about 40% stat-of-charge.


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