List Of Funny Inventions For Tourists Has Been Enlocked

More and more conventions for tourists that allow to avoid possible difficulties and inconveniences while traveling appear on sale. Among useful little things that you can take in your trip – a SideWinder charger for player or cell phone. It uses muscular energy. Although it weights only 71 grams but two minutes of handle rotation does six minutes of phone conversation.

Also a toothbrush-fingerstall will not be needless for tourist. It consumes less space than common toothbrush and allows to get at hard-to-reach points in the mouth.

A mug that itself mixes drinks was invented for those who forgot to take a spoon in the field. Due to the vanes in the bottom functioning with the help of two small batteries this mug can quickly and even mix liquid if it is hot chocolate, milk with honey or any other drink.

A personal meteorological station that easily fits the wrist will help tourist during camping. Special watch shows wind speed and direction, altitude, air temperature and atmosphere pressure. A portable step is the most inconvenient to carry, but very useful invention for tourists, it will needlessly be of service to those for which steps of frequented sights appear to be too high. It should be just put on every next step: the number of done steps will double but tiredness will decrease.

To remind, a shirt against mosquitoes has already been invented. Now a special sheet was designed for those who feel hot. Two ventilators arranged on its sides are destined to cool down a hot body. Energizing is possible from two AA-batteries, USB port or car lighter. So it is possible to enjoy coolness both in a stuffy office and outside and at the wheel. However a person in a cooling shirt looks a bit puffed.


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