Make Your Digital Camera Earn Its Keep

Your digital camera is a marvel of modern technology, click a button, and you can have a print of your snapshot in minutes. It's a far cry from the days when you had to take a whole roll of film and then pay to have it developed before you could view them. It's also more convenient to carry your digital camera, it's small, and always ready to take a digital picture for your album, battery and memory card permitting. So is that all you should expect of your digital camera?

A lot of people have seen the opportunity their digital camera offers in monetary terms, and sell their digital pictures as stock photos online. The internet has made selling photographs accessible to a wider group of people, and digital cameras make it easy to get photographs uploaded to sell, and download. Getting money for your digital pictures is now within reach of all of us, so your digital camera can earn its keep, even if it just earns enough for its own batteries.

So what kind of photographs can you sell?

There is a demand for almost any kind of picture on the internet, on almost any theme, but obviously some photographs will sell easier than others. Photographs of nature, animals, birds, weather and people are always in demand by website publishers, magazines, and graphics designers who need backdrops for their work.

The variety of agencies through which to sell your digital photographs will also have certain terms as to the content, and quality of pictures they will list, as well as the resolution the digital photograph has to have in terms of pixels. Some of the digital photographic stock agencies will accept lower resolutions, but will probably pay less for your work. Even so, all but the poorest images will probably have some value to somebody, so do not be afraid to try try again to get your digital pictures listed for sale.

How do I find an agency to list my pictures?

To find an agency to list your digital images for sale, it's as easy as searching in your favorite search engine for stock photo agency. You will need to look closely at their charges, as some stock photo agencies will charge you an upfront listing fee, as well as obligations on each digital photograph you sell. Some agencies will list your work for free, but take a commission on each sale.

You will also need to look at how they deal with clients, again, some stock picture agencies will broker the sale for you and take their cut, other agencies will leave you to negotiate the sale of your digital works and pay them their cut of the money.

From the above you may think it looks a bit complicated to make your digital camera earn keep, but in reality selling your digital photographs is not that difficult once you have the basic agency and account set up. So why not look on your hard drive, and see if any of your digital snaps could have made you back the money you paid for your digital camera, or even better paying for your next camera upgrade?


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