Mini Harley Chopper Scooter – Not For Kids!

With a name like Mini Harley Chopper Scooter, anyone would misconstrue this as a kid's bike. The truth is that this bike should not be hidden by children without parental supervision. As a matter of fact, the Harley Davidson company strongly advises that parents should not allow children under the age of eighteen to ride this vehicle without adult supervision.

Not for the highway

With its sophisticated and slim structure, it is no wonder that the Mini Harley Chopper Scooter presents quite an appealing to many motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this bike is not for made for the highway. Because it is lightweight, it is very sensitive to movement and one can easily lose control of it. You can not really take it to the highway because the Mini Harley Chopper Scooter only runs at a speed of 50 to 60 miles an hour and can not compete with the big trucks and speeding cars.

A bike worth showing off

This Mini Harley Chopper Scooter can certainly be shown off in your neighborhood. Driven at very low speeds, this can be used for recreational purposes and going around town running some errands.

Every Mini Harley Chopper Scooter comes with a Harley Davidson logo and a decorative fairing on the space between the handlebars and seat that depicts a burst of flames. This sleek, little bike can come in many colors – red, black, silver and yellow chrome.

The Mini Harley Chopper Scooter has a small two stroke engine which does not consume a lot of fuel. The engine is also reliably quiter and purrs like a kitten instead of the loud and disturbing noise that other choppers make. It also comes with an electric ignition that has push button starter and has a speed of 2,200 rotations per minute.

Because the Mini Harley Chopper Scooter has front and rear disk brakes, it is a very safe bike that makes it impossible to pull a wheelie. It also comes with a set of stock parts that include a head light, rear and brake lights, turning signals, rear view mirrors, an electric horn, a speedometer, a battery gauge, high beam lights and an odometer. It also has a plush seat that can carry as much as 300 lbs even though it is very light weight. A custom charger and tool kit are part of the package.

Buy One or Make One

A Mini Harley Chopper Scooter can easily be bought online. Just place a bid on E-bay. Because a Mini Harley Chopper Scooter can be a bit expensive, one can also create a mini chopper by transforming a bike or a mini bike by putting some add-ons like paint, engines, windshields and exhaust pipes. It can be cut to form the low front ends that characterizes a mini chopper. It can be given a shiny finish by plating it with aluminum, chrome or nickel. Some people even use fiber glass fillers to create a glossy surface that can be decorated with airbrush art. Parading your own work of art around town will give you a greater feeling of pride and contentment. After all, you put a lot of work in creating such a masterpiece.


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