Motorola Motorsurf A3100 Guide

The Motorola Motorsurf A3100 is one of the newer mobile phones from Motorola. They seem to be famed for the very popular Motorola Razor, which was the extremely thin flip phone. However the Motorola Motorsurf A3100 is a far cry from the Razor, but looks set to create just as much excitement.

The Motorola Motorsurf A3100 is a cany-bar shaped mobile phone, with a slightly curved design. This makes the phone look very modern and almost futuristic. The dimensions of the Motorola Motorsurf A3100 are 110mm x 59.7mm x 13.7mm and it weighs a hefty (for mobile phones) 119 grams. It is a touch screen, so there is no keypad and very few exterior buttons, this actually further enhances the phone. The screen is large and sits around 2.8 inches, which is one of the largest screens we have come across.

Just beneath the screen is a navigation roll-bar, which makes it extremely efficient to navigate around the interface.
Unlike Walkman phones, the Motorola Motor Surf does not really focus on the music features so, although it does have a music player, it is quite basic. In terms of memory it has 126 mega bytes of internal, and of course this can be used for music, video and / or pictures.

Talking of pictures, the Motor Surf also has a 3 mega pixel camera, which is not the highest spec around and you may of thought Motorola would have given it better given the high spec nature of this phone. There are quite a few camera features, such as autofocus, digital zoom, as well as a host of picture editing software that comes free with the Motosurf.

The main selling point of the motosurf is the usefulness of the phone, and in this regard it is packaged full of features and applications. Some of these include: A PDF viewer, document viewer, GPS, 3G HSPDA etc. The phone will connect to the internet in seconds and is very quick moving around the web and various websites.

The Motorola motosurf is a beautiful looking phone, that is positioned to target the top-end of the market. Apart from the basic music player and low spec camera, it looks to be a very popular phone.


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