Natural Help For Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Many suffer today from anxiety and panic attacks. This terrible breach of confidence of mind and spirit that causes us to feel separated and afraid – uncertain as how to move ahead – actually can be helped greatly, with some basic understanding of how to regain the body’s natural balance.

Believe it or not we are designed to operate as an alkaline battery – a body that is alkaline runs more effectively than an acidic system. The body needs to be acid in certain areas such as the digestive tract, but the byproduct of our food and emotions should result in alkaline urine and saliva.

Some pharmacies carry pH testing kits or tape that can tell us whether the pH of our urine or saliva is in the alkaline range of 6.3-7.3. pH means “potential hydrogen” and is a basically a way to tell us where on a range of acid to alkaline a certain solution sits. Without getting into all that chemistry, let’s just say that many things in our modern lifestyle lead to “acid ash”, or the byproducts of our metabolism resulting in an acid condition rather than the more desirable alkaline.

Some things that produce acid ash in our system include consuming any animal foods (meat, fish, chicken, dairy, eggs); and then the habits of coffee and caffeine colas that we crave in order to get enough acidity in our stomachs to digest these things. Many of us also struggle with the emotions of simply stress and fear, doubt, loneliness, struggle and other negatives. Even when we manage these things, they sometimes lurk in the background.

I learned many years ago from a naturopathic physician whose specialty was environmental sensitivity that when a person is having a panic or anxiety attack, invariably their system is in an acid state. You could walk into his office in a panic attack and have it abated in just seconds by drinking a little paper cup of cloudy liquid his assistant would hand you at the door.

WOW! What magical potion is that? Wouldn’t we like to know? Believe it or not, this is a humble grocery store commodity, not even an over the counter drug. What is it? Simple baking soda. Stir a small spoonful into a little water, chug it down, and watch the change take place. Where did he ever learn such a magic trick? He learned it because he knew that a severe acid condition occurred during a panic attack, and in order to even help his patients he had to pull them out of that state.

This is the baking soda we use to clean the battery posts in our automobile (because it’s alkaline). Bicarbonate of soda is one of the most successful natural cancer treatments today developed by Dr. Tukkio Simoncini of Italy.

So this is a remedial solution, but long term, in order to restore the balance that will chase away panic attacks, we must restore alkalinity to the body as an everyday state. Once the body has regained this balance neither panic attacks nor cancer can reside in our brain/body continuum.

Lifestyle choices encourage our bodies to burn byproducts to an alkaline ash. If you struggle with mild to severe panic or anxiety attacks you might look at learning how to incorporate the following:

1. Clear away negative emotional patterns including childhood trauma, stress, worry, loneliness, sadness, fear. There are many natural tools and practices to enhance and encourage this process: massage, bodywork, rolfing, Feldenkrais, EFT, counseling, talking with friends and loved ones. Find what works for you and do it!

2. Change of diet to alkaline – predominantly vegan or vegetarian; replace coffee and colas with tea and water; fast; rest; create lifestyle habits with rhythm and consistency – eat smaller quantities with time between meals, rest fully at night with an empty stomach for 12 hrs.

3. Becoming active in the outdoors, walk – work up to 10,000 steps per day (5 miles), meditate, breathe, yoga, run, play, smile.


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