Netbook Reviews – HP Mini 210-1010NR 10.1-Inch Netbook

What separates the HP Mini 210-1010NR from the standard netbook is mainly its great design. While the internal components have mostly been the same, HP netbooks have almost always had the better if not the best keyboard in the market. They've also offered much better comfort and for the imprinted models, a little bit of understated style. Thankfully, the HP Mini 210-1010NR is not an exception to this rule as it looks good, feels good and handles well. The color scheme has not changed much because as it still comes in corporate black. The keyboard is still great, with its 93% to normal sized keys. The track pad is also a bit wider and larger this time around with an on / off button for when you're going to do just typing. At 2.69 pounds it is about standard netbook weight, if a bit lighter by about 0.01 pounds.

Packing an Intel Atom N450 the HP Mini 210-1010NR can do pretty much everything any other netbook can but now has a better integrated graphics solution. While this does not mean you can game with it anytime soon, it does mean smoother overall graphics and slightly better below-720p video. The 10.1-inch display has an Anti-glare feature so you can work out in the sun without worrying about glare or annoying reflections. It offers HD audio but you'll need some headphones to hear it. Other components are pretty much standard with 1GB of DDR2 memory, a 160GB hard disk drive, 802.11b / g wi-fi, a VGA port, three USB ports, a network port, audio jacks and a card reader.

As expected of the HP Mini 210-1010NR, the netbook can do what most netbooks are capable of, including general office work and internet browsing or emailing. You can not open too many windows or applications at one time, but the better graphics and anti-glare screen makes it easier to use while you're out and about. The battery life is good enough for a couple of hours thanks to the 3-cell battery that should satisfy most users. Overall, the HP Mini 210-1010NR is a good netbook for standard users offering very comfortable use and good features making it ideal for the mainstream netbook market.


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