No Cell Phones Allowed in a Kelty Tent!

Some things do not mix in the high country. Cell phones and Kelty tents. When your at six or seven thousand feet up the last thing you want to hear is the cell phone. No text messages about traffic or how last nights date went with your friend. Just the peace and quiet of the high country. You can take the time to breath in the cool clean air. Feel the tension role out of you. The day is ending and the only fight was with the trout you just had for supper. You let out a contented sigh as the fire waves the air with it soft red glow. Perfect for the last smore. You think about reading that book but do not want to take the effort to turn on the lantern. So you sit and enjoy the sight of that someone special roasting the marshmallow.

Some clouds look like they might role in. No worries, your Kelty tent only took a few minutes to set up and the hardest thing was setting the stakes. Light weight and durable it made a good addition to the rest of your camping gear. Vented in the right places to let the cool in with two windows available to allow the extra breeze, yet simple enough to button up for the high mountain rain. Easy access and enough room make it simple to put your gear inside in case the weather does change. Places have been incorporated in the construction to hang up items getting them up off the floor. The optional mat helps you keep your tent clean.

The clouds float on by as the stars are out and the full moon breaks over the rim to give you enough light to read a few chapters. Your wife snuggles up and gives you a sticky kiss with the taste of marshmallow and chocolate. As she sighs the rest of the hassles of town slip away. Falling sleep by the fire it is finally time to turn in, whether early or late it does not matter because the watches were left on the counter next to the cell phones. Slipping into your Kelty tent the night ends in the peace of the high country.


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