Nokia 8800 Titanium – Sheer Magnet Of Attention

The Nokia 8800 Titanium is all about style, elegance and class. Such is the alluring prowess of this phone, that you will fall hard at first look. The manufacturer has indeed displayed creative excellence in the most complimentary manner. And since a lot of handwork has gone into the making of this beautiful gadget, it is priced too too. But if you are a lover of beauty or want a dash of luxury in your everyday life, giving a heavy premium for Nokia 8800 Titanium would not really be regretted.

The sensational Nokia 8800 Titanium comes with a unique glistening steel slider. While this does wonders to the overall looks of the device, and helps it to protect its keypad; it also adds to the weight of the phone. But the weight does not mar the love for the phone, for it gives the phone quite a solid feeling. Elegance is further added to the Nokia 8800 Titanium with its laser-cut edges, scratch-resistant display and perfect placement of camera which slides into the steel case. Even the keys of this device has undergone special treatment. Matching with the look of the phone is the Menu system. It is easy and comfortable to navigate, and icons appear beautifully with 3D effects.

Yes, looks is the selling point of this device, but Nokia 8800 Titanium is also enabled with some useful features. These features are certainly not hi-end, but if looks are your priority then these will suffice you. The Nokia 8800 Titanium includes a camera, mp3 player, FM radio, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE and WAP 2.0 / x HTML browser. The handset comes with an internal memory of 64 MB, although can not be extended further. The sound quality of the handset is good, and provides good options for messaging and lifestyle features as well. Overall an impressive handset in terms of looks. Whether you carry it in your hand, or keep it in your desk, the handset is sure to make you a cynosure of attention.


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