Nokia E63 Review – Red and Blue Edition Nokia E63 Qwerty Phones

These days text-messaging facility has become a very important feature of a mobile phone. For a long time mobile phones were being produced without realizing the full potential of the phone with keyboards. Then entered QWERTY mobile phones and changed all that. But still, the mobile phone manufacturers were only focusing on the business people forgetting how much of hit this type of a mobile phone would be with other sections of the society. Slowly, others sections were also being targeted with QWERTY. A new, interested and growing market was found. Nokia tries to make use of this great potential with its new phone Nokia E63.

The Shell

Nokia E63 draws a lot of inspiration from the higher-priced, popular mobile phone for business people, the E71. Because of this, E63 comes with full keyboard. It does not look very different from E71, apart from the fact that it uses plastic, not metal. E63 is also 3mm thicker than E71. QWERTY keyboard comes in very handy. It could have been a little bigger though. The device has no buttons on the sides- not even volume control or power key. Like all good quality Nokia phones, E63 looks superb. The two color options blue and red look smart and are fresh change from the usual black and gray.

Effective Functions

It is true that is not a phone directed towards business professionals, but that does not make it any less interesting. Like E71, it uses Symbian 9.2 with Feature Pack 1. It can also be used for business purposes as you can switch modes. It comes with Internet Browser, email client, phonebook etc. You have options of 3G and WiFi, giving you faster connection. E36 is great for accessing Facebook, but you will have to additionally download this application.

Multimedia and Camera Features

Nokia E63 has multimedia features that are much better than all other E-series phones from Nokia. It makes use of the normal media player from Symbian and is of decent quality. It also comes with a headphone jack of 3.5mm which gives a good audio quality. The 2.4-inch display is a bit of a disappointment but the video playback is of excellent quality. The camera is just "value-for-money"; the 2MP shooter is nothing to write home about apart from the point that it shoots fast.

More in Store for Mobile Users

E63 comes with 11 hour worth of talk time. While talking the voices sound a little sharp and the earpiece gives low volume but the quality of the sound is very good. E63 has slow processors but S60 is optimized for it and works fast enough. It is, after all, a fast Smartphone from Nokia.

If you are not really particular on having GPS and do not mind a slight compromise on the camera, Nokia E63 is the phone for you. It really has taken in the best and most essential qualities of E71. Although businesspersons may not benefit from it, it is a really good bargain for the common user.


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