Nokia E65 – Understand your Business

Now here is one business phone where the users will use the words like "beautiful" and "attractive" to describe it. Yes, normally these words would be used to describe fashion phones, but with Nokia E65 using these adjectives would just be as normal.

The phones comes with a slider mechanism, in a small compact style. The smooth contours and soft casing (that feels like leather) adds an element of class to the whole look, and makes it distinctive glamorous. Further, the silver and black color scheme makes the phone look smart and just apt for the business men.

Nokia E65 comes with a large screen, benefit which there are controls and short cut buttons. The short cut buttons are a little cramped and many feel difficult in operating it. But when the slider is opened, the Nokia E65 reveals a smart keypad that is spacious and has a large tactile button for hassle free dialing. No, the keypad does not have a QWERTY keypad, but if the priority is short messages then Nokia E65 aptly accommodates all the necessities. Talking of text messages, the Nokia E65 is also enabled with a backlight so that the texts can be read in dark environment. The lack of QWERTY keypad can also be justified as the Nokia E65 was constructed predominately as a talking gadget. Thus, the cell had phone-like design and voice-specific controls.

The Nokia E65 is a quad band world phone. This means that the cell phone allows the users to stay connected even when they are traveling overseas. To keep up the business and assignments, the mobiles empowers the users with the versatility of speaker phone, conference calling, voice dialing, speed dial, and VOIP support. For more support, the Nokia E65 has 3G, bluetooth, infrared support.

The Nokia E65 offers 6 hours of talk time and up to 11 days of standby time. It weighs only 4.0 ounces.

Nokia E65


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