Nokia N8 – Superlative Is An Understanding For This Dolly

The Nokia N8 is a flagship phone device that brings with it a very rich array of high-end smartphone features all of which together make this a truly priceless mobile phone to own. And topping all these fantastic features are a host of Nokia N8 contract deals and other equally lucrative Nokia N8 deals. The first ever full-fledged movie has been shot using a Nokia N8 camera only. The flick titled The Commuter starring Dev Patel has for the first time in movie history used a mobile phone camera only.

This snapper obviously gives you the ability to shoot high definition videos and the HD Video Watch enable you to watch them. The HDMI connection means you can connect your mobile handset to and then view HD TV content as well. But as mentioned it is not just the great camera that the Nokia N8 has to offer. It has several other features and attributes going for it too. The internal memory afforded by this magnificent handset is a huge 16 GB. You can have a great time storing all your multimedia applications and content.

Wi-fi, 3G and HSPDA mean super fast internet speeds and an equally memorable time data networking. There is excellent social networking experience to look forward to what withFacebook, Twitter and other important social websites all available at the mere touch of your fingertips. The Nokia N8 is not just serious hardware and software. The handset flashes a good and very attractive 3. 5 inches wide AMOLED touchscreen that breathes extra life into all your images and whatever else you wish to load on to your homescreen. Very soon potential buyers will have the privilege of choosing from a host of low priced Nokia N8 contract deals.


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