Personal Medical Alarm Systems

With a personal medical alarm system one does not have to fear being sentenced in a medical emergency when home alone. A personal medical alarm system is particularly helpful to senior citizens. Whenever help is needed, all you have to do is press the help button. This unit is worn around the neck or the wrist. The moment the help button is activated, it automatically dials the response center. The response center then calls the victim immediately. They are aware of the caller's profile and critical information and ask what the nature of the call is.

The basic unit works the same way a telephone works with two-way communication. These units feature 15-hour battery backup in the event of a power cut. The personal help button can be worn like a piece of jewelry or a modern looking watch. It weighs less than an ounce and is waterproof with a long-range operation and a five-year battery life.

There are a variety of personal medical alarm systems. They include the button safety GPS cell phone, home medical alarm system, telephone emergency medical alarm and panic button system. This telephone alarm system can be connected to the existing telephone line, very much like an answering machine. When the emergency button is pressed on the console or on the pendant, it will immediately dial five numbers of one's choice.

Other types of medical alarm systems are the panic button and medical alarm auto telephone dialer and the mobile emergency medical alarm cell phone. There is also the Guardian medical alarm wireless phone, secure watch medical alert system, wander alert and alarm system, home emergency medical alarm system and the table top medical alert alarm system. The moment you activate the emergency button, the response operator is available for help immediately. The tabletop alarm system is identical for people with medical conditions and senior citizens.


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